How to Apply for Approved Prior Learning (APL)APL Advanced Constellation course

Have you done your basic Family Constellations training with another Family Constellations trainer and wish to do more advanced training?

If you have already done Family Constellations training with another trainer and wish to deepen your knowledge and skills further, you may apply for Approved Prior Learning APL for Family Constellations. To do level 2 with us. This means you deepen your knowledge and skills and are able to do further advanced trainings such as Business, Health or SRCT (Systemic Relationship & Couples Therapy) Or Rapid Core Healing.

For approved Prior Learning, you will need to satisfy certain conditions.

  • Your original training needs to have been at least 8 days with one known Family Constellations trainer.
  • Send us a copy of your constellation certificates gained to verify what you’ve done.

If approved you may do level 2 training, (repeat level 1), at a specially reduced price of 80% reduction and/or go on to do advanced Family Constellations Business, Health or SRCT) and/or Rapid Core Healing courses.

This pathway is to make sure we are on the same page, as far as our understanding of constellation knowledge and techniques are concerned, so you may easily join the rest of the trainees with ease in further trainings.

Rapid Core Healing training

If you are approved for Prior Learning you will receive an 80% discount of the current full fee of Level 1 training and receive a coupon to insert into the Buy Now button to enter as a level 2 Deepening trainee.

You may contact me to discuss your options.


Loved my original training with my original trainer and didn’t know how much more I could benefit from another training with Yildiz. Have gained so much from the repeat in a different way with someone who is so experienced. I have so much more confidence I am ready to put it into practice and am really excited about my new career as a constellator. Bill

Came from Brazil where I did Family Constellations training a few years ago and wanted to follow this as my new career now in Australia. I was concerned that my language wasn’t good enough and also didn’t know if the way I learned was going to be right for Australia. Did RPL level 2 with Yildiz and restored my knowledge and practice and learned so much more and found that the core of constellations goes beyond and across cultures. I know I’m in the right place to work in this area in Australia and wherever I find myself. Margaretta

I did my original training in South Africa and was looking for more knowledge and depth to improve my confidence with my coaching clients. The level 2 deepening went beyond my expectation in giving me much more knowledge, structure and depth. I loved the sensitivity and techniques. This has been a life changing training.  Wendy