Family Constellations is an ‘out of the box’ way of looking at the human problems that we all face.

Many will have done all sorts of therapeutic processes before coming to a Family Constellation workshop and may have found that talking about it may help to some extent, but may not give them the solutions or the emotional release they need to find new perspectives and heal their heart and soul.

In a constellation workshop we sit in a circle and those who have booked in to look at their situation will take turns to sit by the facilitator to share their problem briefly in the group and then choose people from the group to represent the relevant people in their lives.

These are representatives that most often don’t know the client or anything about their lives. They are placed by the client in a spatial arrangement with a representative according to their inner feeling of placings. This forms a pattern which we call a constellation. From here the representatives start to feel sensations in their bodies as the constellation has already started. There may be movements and the facilitator will over-see and guide the process to an outcome through expression and somatic release, so a healthier order with healthier connections to enable love to flow in the system.

The purpose of a Family Constellation is to reveal and resolve the dysfunctional loyalties, disconnections and stuck emotional states, mindsets and generational traumas, so that the love in the system may flow and the client is able find new perspectives and more systemic support.

While the process is brief, its effects frequently unfold over weeks and months as different levels of it settle into their psyche and soul in a time-frame that is right for them.

Hence Family Constellations is psychodynamics, experiential, psychotherapeutic, solution-focused, somatic (using body-based senses) and taps into the individual’s family system energetically, in a homeostatic process towards self-healing.

Family Constellations radically changed the way I think and work and is now central to my approach in assisting clients in their self-healing of a wide spectrum of generational patterns and traumas we face as human beings. Such as relationships, poor attachment, self-worth, family, parenting, sabotage patterns, illnesses and abusive generational patterns and trauma and that come out of our family systems.

I hold regular workshops to give the public the chance for access to this profound experience and certificate training. Knowing that with many more facilitators it can only enhance wellbeing to couples, families, communities and the world. Helping more of us to be more connected, balanced and loving.

In our present world this can only be a positive force to find better ways of seeing the humanness in each of us.

We can’t attack the other, if we see them as fellow human beings with the same needs for love and connection and autonomy as ourselves.

We have a Family Constellation workshop this weekend HERE. The last for this year. Come and meet us in Tamborine mountain Qld.

Couples and singles are welcome.

‘Namaste,’ means ‘May the God in me see the God in you’.