In order to be successful in a business or career many elements need to be in place. These may include vision, goals, business plans, resources and connections along with specific knowledge, skills and marketing to attract sales and profit. While these are valid considerations in organisations, the importance of recognising the value of the culture of the business or human system and the inner worlds of those in the system, is often left out of the equation.


The problem as I see it is a business may have a history and culture that is pivotal to its Being as an entity, while individuals within it have their own inner world in operation that has an effect. The human system from the CEO to the Board and employees make up a complex mix of confluences and conflicts that must have an effect on how the business operates. Both of these aspects need to be considered.


The inner world of individuals consists of thoughts, emotions and desires infused with childhood experiences, family history, genetic code and culture that have the affect of creating a unique essence of its own.


The main problem is in business we forget that energy drives everything. Energy is the driving force within the universe, galaxies and planets and is converted to the solid stuff of matter : Non-living and living. Energy is in a state of constant transformation. This is central to our bodily form and human systems alike and yet we mostly do not consider energy in organisations, business or career at all.


Businesses are human systems, through which we produce products, services and financial systems, where we may pursue careers driven by aspiration, will and creativity. The purpose of which is for personal and organisational success, but ultimately for more fulfilment and happiness.


As with Family Constellations our inner structures, associations, feelings and perceptions create our reality. If this is healthy we may expect all to go well. This is often discounted in the business and professional worlds alike. Likewise, the history, culture, structure, roles and the essence of a company have an effect on its success, as do internal, social and business structures.


If the energy of a system has an essence, then finding alignments with the people within it can assist in discovering any compatibility or symmetry that can result in a profitable business. So too discovering what is misaligned and creating blocks in the system can provide useful information to organisations, businesses or individualcareers and the process of planning, streamlining or reorganising.


I have been conducting Business Constellations in workshops and private sessions for the last twelve years and am frequently impressed by what comes to light that could not have been shown in any other way. A Constellation shows the core of problems and possible solutions in one process.


Business Constellations may be used to clear and strengthen the inner world of individuals and reorganise and align them with organisations and their goals.


On a personal level Business Constellations may be used to resolve feelings of unworthiness, blocks and sabotage that hold people back from success, and assist in restructuring business plans and goals to enable healthy growth.


For organisations, Business Constellations may be used to optimise and restructure culture, HR, management, employees and attract customers so as to form a more productive work environment.

Business Constellations are popular with those involved in personal and professional development and is a potent way or working with organisational matters in offering unique insights that reveal both strengths and blind spots and hence more clarity for decision making and quickly


Business constellations may take place in private sessions and workshops or seminars and training is available for those who wish to provide this service to the business world.


I visualise a world where Business Constellations are a popular requirement of individuals to enable them to fulfil their potential. They are used in business organisations for planning and restructuring along with marketing to ensure that their human system is in good shape to deliver profits and wellbeing to all within it. A healthy, profitable business that is of value to the wellbeing of the community.




Yildiz is a Brisbane psychotherapist, family constellations facilitator and trainer. She offers Business Constellations and Family Constellations in the next Sydney workshop on 21-22 October 2017 and in private and Skype sessions. Next Business Constellation Training Brisbane 6-8 October 2017

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