Level 3 Advanced & Master Option

We offer Two Advanced  courses

The pre-requisite for an advanced course is completion of Level 1 Foundation minimum.

If you have done your original Constellation training with another trainer, you may wish to do our transition to our training thorugh level 2 to do further training with us. You will need to contact me to discuss this possibility and to verify what you have done so far. Details of level 2 Deepening HERE 

Advanced courses are:

  • Systemic Business Constellations
  • Wellness & Dis- Ease Constellations

We also offer

  • Full Master Systemic Training

You may do one advanced course, or both. Master training includes all.

Option 1 – Do the Business Stream

Become a Systemic Coach. Business Constellation (BC) Stream.

Become A Leader In Your Field:

  • Corporate
  • Management
  • Business
  • Educators
  • Coaches

If you’re already a Coach, you can add Systemic work to your Portfolio.

Option 3 – Masters Systemic Constellations Program

To complete the Masters Constellations Certificate you must have completed

  • Level Foundation
  • Level 2 Deepening
  • Level 3 Business PLUS Wellness and Dis-Ease Constellations (details above)

You may do each level of training separately or choose the Discount package. Read more about the training.

Option 2 – Do the Wellness Stream

Natural Therapists and Counsellors add Wellness and Dis-Ease to your Portfolio

Healing is required to take place on many levels. Physical, nutritional, emotional, psychological and systemic.

With Systemic Constellations you can locate the underlying systemic loyalties and entanglements in their health and assist your clients in making new choices if they wish.

Healing is required to take place on ,any levels. Physical, nutrition, emotional, psychological and systemic. This training provides insight and skills to assist your clients in their self-healing in working with the systemic, emotional and psychological aspects of what they carry so that your natural therapy training may be received more easily.

Wellness Constellations assist in locating the underlying dynamics of illness and also shows the options are available for healing. This can be helpful when supported by appropriate treatment to support the body in recovery if this is possible.

This training will give you insight and skills to assist your clients in their self-healing in working with the systemic, emotional and psychological aspects of what they carry. In this way any natural therapy or traditional therapy  may be received more easily.

In this course we look at

  • The nature of wellness and Dis-ease
  • Level of healing
  • Healing pathways
  • The impulse for life and death
  • Dynamics for illness
  • Healing constellations

You will have to do the Level 1 Foundation or Level 2 deepening if applicable as a pre-requisite to the Wellness and Dis-Ease course.

See the Course outline for this training HERE

Find Dates HERE


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