Advanced Family Constellations training

Have you done some Family Constellations trainings before and are now ready for more?

You must have completed Family Constellations level 1 with us prior to doing any of the advanced Family Constellations courses.

Level 2 Deepening Family Constellations

If you have done Level 1 Family Constellations with us.
This is an opportunity to revisit the course for a much smaller fee to deepen and extend your knowledge and practice.

In revisiting you will join another group doing Family Constellations 1. This gives you the opportunity to find new levels of significance and meanings for yourself and others as each time the course is done with a new group and different dynamics operate and different themes, hence different constellations arise. Opportunities to deepen your knowledge.

With more knowledge and experience having done the course once you will see and expereince at a different level of insight and sensitivity. You come away from this training having picked up many ideas and insights that you missed in the first training.

In level 1 you learn a lot and expereince alot and open the door to a whole new way of thinking. In addition you take part in processes and facilitate others. All of this is rich but alot to take in in one course.

In repeating the course you are in a differnt group where differnt questions, dynamics and questions come up. You experience a whole new set of constellations processes and extend your know ledge of dynamics. In addition, you are able to consolidate your syestemic and solution focused thinking and experience.

All of this increases your expereince many fold so that as you beging to practice you now feel that you can trust the process with a reliable set of knowledge and skillls underpinning yoru practice.

You receive a huge discount off level 1 to level 2 deepening. Go to buy now to see dates and fees and to buy now on the next available course. See Level 1 dates. You will need to contact me to receive a coupon to receive a huge discount off level 1 training to enter as a level 2 Trainee.


Approved Prior Learning

If you have already completed Family Constellations foundation training and woudl like to apply to Approved Prior Learning to deepen your knowledgea to join us advanced trainings check out the DETAILS

Deepening Family Constellations Testimonial

I recently completed my second Family Constellation experiential with Yildiz and what an incredible experience it was. The second experiential gave me a deeper understanding of family constellations and it seem to concrete everything that I had learnt previously.  Doing the experiential a second time was the best thing that I ever did and it has now given me the confidence to put myself out there. Thank you Yildiz.

Bernadette Sutherland 2023

I was fascinated by discovering Family Constellations but this has deepened the more I’ve done. The level two was so much richer than level 1, even though it is the same course, as I could really notice the deeper and subtle layers of dynamics, emotions and language. I really took in the techniques, healing sentences and now feel really ready to work in this area.

Many thanks. Tom

A great experience and so rich personally and professionally.

I now see everything and everyone differently somehow. So much fuller and softer. A great gift.