About Family Constellations

What is Family Constellations?

To explain what is Family Constellations – here is an analogy.

Epigentics example

We are part of nature. Here is an example of how generations are linked that has been verified by research in Epigenetics.

‘Monarch are very special butterflies – they seem to pass navigation details through their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great, grandchildren. They live 9000 feet above sea-level 100 miles from Mexico City. They fly north to USA and die. Their children travel further north and they die. Their grandchildren travel even further north East of the Rockies and die. The fourth generation then flies back to Mexico and the cycle starts over again. The travel path and the original starting point seem to be passed through each generation and the fourth generation mysteriously know they have to go to Mexico and the cycle starts again.’

They are informed through their family System.

In a similar way behaviour and information may be passed to us from our grandparents and beyond. This may be how we inherit emotional baggage.

A Family Constellation can help you in freeing yourself from inherited unwanted baggage.

Family Constellations also known as Systemic Constellations. This is an experiential (sensing and feeling) process that reaches into the underlying impulses that hold you back that may be inherited from your family. While we receive lots of good things from our families, we are also vulnerable to carrying burdens, emotions, beliefs and traumas that inhibit our potential to make the most of ourselves and our relationships.

The Family Constellation session allows you not only to see and feel the dynamic you are caught up in, but also find better solutions with the ability to free yourself in a way that no other process can. This takes place in a brief process of approximately an hour for permanent change and a new perspective.

In a workshop you sit with a group in a circle with the facilitator/therapist. Individuals take turns in looking at their own issue. This is done by choosing group members as representatives for the people involved in your situation. These are placed spatially from each other. When this takes place, a field of energy is formed and the representatives start to feel sensations within it that allow release and movement under guidance of the facilitator.

A Constellation sets up a field of energy called a Morphogenic Field for the group. This is frequently called the Knowing Field in Constellation circles. These are explained more fully by the researcher Ruppert Sheldrake.