About Family Constellations Training

About Family Constellations training:

Benefits of Family Constellations training:

  1. Learning how to work Systemically with relationships, family, parenting, adoption, fostering, trauma, and sexual abuse.
  2. Learning how to work effectively with self esteem, depression, anxiety, systemic trauma and sexual abuse.
  3. Becoming a leader in your field. Turning your practice around.
  4. Learning the skills to working with groups and private sessions in 4 different ways.
  5. Having your name listed on familyconstellations.com.au as practitioner on completion if you wish.
  6. Yildiz is a highly experienced and highly trainer with a Masters in Counselling. She has done training with Bert Hellinger the Systemic Constellations founder and Svagito Leibermeister.
  7. Yildiz has 16 Years of full time constellations experience. Science background, Masters in  Counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and as Supervisor to counsellors and hypnotherapists.
  8. Is the founder of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing.
  9. You will be learning a structured course developed by a teaching professional.
  10. Yildiz taught “Methods of Counselling” at ACAP for 8 years and was a physics and chemistry teacher. She is using this experience in her course to help you in your learning.

Learning from International Best Selling Author –  Yildiz Sethi B.Ed., Master of Counselling.

About Family Constellations training

Family Constellations training is 11 webinars and 5 days of online zoom training. You are supplied a course book. The course includes pdfs and question and answers to ensure you understand Family Constellations.

Family Constellations is an alternative or addition to counselling, hypnotherapy or coaching that was founded by Bert Hellinger.

In Family Constellations you will be using it for relationships, mental and physical health, repeating patterns, personal development and much more.

The Family Constellation process is experiential, brief and solution-focused and comes out of a phenomenological approach.

The Family Constellation methodology

taps into the generational underlying dynamics of an issue that the client presents. This accesses the Knowing field and through this, information may emerge where the client may experience themselves in a newer way in their family system. All family systems carry love, connection, resilience and also loyalties, entanglements and burdens. Family Constellations may take place in groups/workshops/seminars or private sessions, in person or online.

In Family Constellations allows you to feel you belong to your family, group and your culture.

Family Constellations helps put order in family groups so that you not only belong but know your place.

In Family Constellations parents give and children receive. If you are in a couple relationship then both are deemed equal. A man is not greater than a woman or vice versa.

About Family Constellations training

You are taught how to hold private sessions online as well as face to face. She teaches 4 methods on how to do a Family Constellation. Yildiz teaches the nuances of Family Constellations.

Yildiz has been a Family Constellation facilitator for 16 years and has been teaching Family Constellations since 2008.

Family Constellations is part of Rapid Core Healing

About Family Constellations Advanced training

Read about Advanced training here: Advanced Family Constellations Training

There are Advanced courses on:

  • Business Constellations
  • Health Constellations
  • Couples Constellations 

Yildiz has been a Family Constellation facilitator for 16 years and has been teaching Family Constellations since 2008.

Family Constellations is part of Rapid Core Healing

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