attractive-womanThe festive season is not the happiest time for many people.

For many, meeting family members can be stressful or even painful. For others it is a time of isolation. Many old stories and memories are stirred up. If you have painful memories that are getting in the way of coming to place of peace then perhaps this is an opportunity to put them to rest and make a new start.



Jane came to a workshop wanting to increase her sense of femininity.  Even though she was attractive she said she felt unattractive and had little confidence with men. In looking at her family system she came from a long line of women who had not been able to sustain relationships for many generations. She came from a European country that had sustained many wars, invasions and significant violence not only to the menfolk but also to women and children.


Jane’s constellation revealed many secrets from the female line and also the sadness of the men that could not stand in their place as men with pride, such was the emaciation of personal and national history.


Much grief was released in the constellation on many levels and the men were able to honor the women for their strength in carrying on where they didn’t. Strong men ancestors were bought in to support the men and the women and Jane was at last able to stand up with pride and feel her feminine strength and beauty.