We are coming to that time in the year when many of us meet family and extended family. This is a great time to connect and share and also a very painful and volatile period for those who are excluded or exclude themselves due to past hurts or situations.
While it is true that we cant change what has happened or other peoples beliefs or behaviour it is possible to change our perspective on it and resolve it to our best satisfaction so as to allow us to feel better about it.

This can be don win Family Constellations.
This is a perfect place to resolve a relationship, a pattern or a feeling in a safe confidential and compassionate group where by we can look at ourselves or the situation from another perspective to find out what is really going on. From here we can also find our best solution and our best place with it and move on in a healthier way.

The next workshop is the last of the year so take the opportunity to experience the process, the group and learn something about how we are all connected.

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