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Standing in Someone Else’s Shoes -Yildiz

Standing in someone else’s shoes. Being a representative in a Family Constellations Workshop is often a moving, and insightful experience, where you are likely to discover our common human link, and your own inner shifts.

Everyone in the Workshop is moved by the Knowing Field, and receives benefits and insights.

When a workshop comes together, and those that are feeling pulled, answer the call to attend…each member brings with them their ancestors and their blueprints.

So every constellation that is set up will connect with the hidden ancestral memories of everyone who is present.

This is fundamentally how Family Constellations works, and why we do not need the members of your family, or the people you are in conflict with present in the workshop.

If your issue / blueprint is similar to the person putting up the constellation, they will be intuitively guided to ‘choose’ you to represent in their constellation.

Even though we look at each family constellation individually, we are all in the end one human family. So the representatives chosen will have a similar issue present themselves or in their ancestry.

So, as we offer service in being a Representative in a constellation…we are also working on our own blueprint, whether we are conscious of it or not.

This is why being a representative can be such a profound experience.

Here is what some of our Representatives have said…

“I’ve never had my constellation done in your workshop, but every time I’ve come I’ve been picked for a role that gives me insight into my own life. I’ve had shifts and such a new view of the people in my life. It has been profound. It’s shown me how we all are connected.” Julianne.

“Every time I come to your workshop, the person that I’m picked to represent, even if its challenging, helps me so much to open my view. To feel the way they feel even for a short time is so enlightening. It helps me to be more compassionate and accepting of others. The last time I was picked as a mother. This helped me so much to understand where my mother is coming from. Such a gift.” Jenny

“Before this workshop I really wasn’t sure that I could be a representative. I was worried that perhaps I wouldn’t feel anything or that standing in someone’s role might feel weird. I’m so glad you take us out of our roles and amazed at what I felt in the role. I understand now why it’s so hard to explain. It really does have to be experienced”.

The next Family Constellations Workshop is happening this Sunday 17 June Tickets available, and would LOVE to have you come and witness, and represent.

If you have been curious about Family Constellations, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience the profound  deep insights of this work.

I hope to see you there!

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