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Family Constellations

Why Choose Family Constellations therapy?

Family Constellations theory and practice looks at you in as an integral part of your family system. You are born into a family system and you carry DNA and much more from that system into all aspects of your life.

The problem has been since the onset of Talk Therapies that focused on you primarily as an individual. With little or no appreciation of the patterning you came in with from previous generations. There is no doubt that we all receive a great deal of positive things form our family system, but we also receive the disturbances, behavioural patterns and trauma as well. These are what we call the systemic or generational aspects that come with us into life with our DNA.  This is shown by epigenetic research. This is largely unconscious until we notice patterns running in our life. Repeatedly choosing similar inappropriate partners, or suffer similar mind set , emotional patterns or mental health illness of people from your family and find that individualistic types of counselling or psychotherapies are not conducive to resolve them. Especially in a timely manner, eg only one or a few sessions. This is because what we carry from and with our family system is largely unconscious. Not only that, part of the generational unconscious mind. This requires a way of contacting the pattern dynamics with new and appropriate ways to work with this, to help people resolve and move on in a better way.  Online Family Constellations sessions, workshops and training are available now. Go to my sister site to see training options HERE

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