Can Trans-generational Trauma be healed with Family Constellations?

Family Constellations therapy works by restoring natural orders to the family system.
Bert Hellinger observed a natural order for harmonious family systems
They are:
1. Every member of a family belongs equally to the family, and is to be respected as such regardless of individual fate or personality
2. Whoever comes first is in first place. The oldest sibling comes first. The first wife comes first before the second wife etc. Each person is respected equally no matter what their place is
3. Each member of the family has their own fate. Each person must carry their own burdens as well as personal responsibility  for everything they have done in their own life
However, this order rarely exists in families today.
Nearly every family has members that were excluded, and others who don’t want to carry their own burdens and do their own work.
This creates disorder in the family system, which all members feel energetically.
As the law of inclusion has been violated the imbalance will need to be addressed – when someone in the family has been excluded, often a younger member in a later generation will assume that persons fate and live a similar life.
In the same way when a member of the family does not accept personal responsibility , or represses those feelings a member of a later generation in the family will take over and express those feelings as their own.
Family constellations therapy seeks to restore order to the family system for all concerned.