Family Constellations can help resolve the cause of an issue in just one session, giving emotional healing and emotional release.

Having your own constellation is a wonderful way of nudging you to be aware of what is going on at a soul level as well as the collective energy of the family or group as well. With this knowledge and experience, you have an opportunity to allow your intellect and emotions to come into line with this, if you choose.

Finding more acceptance and peace in your life is now possible. All you need to get the most out of your constellation is a desire for change and a relatively small amount of time and money. Normally all you need is one constellation for one issue and you can stop asking the “what if’s” or being self critical and begin to enjoy life.

Why Have Your Own Constellation?

An Account Of One Person’s Own Constellation

Why Have Your Own Constellation?
To examine the dynamics of your situation from an impartial position and allow healing of relationships to take place. You will see the bigger picture, which might involve other influences from previous generations that you may not have been aware of. The constellation will show you reality and also facilitate emotional release and healing to take place.Following integration of your constellation, you will be able to make the most of your relationships and feel more whole within yourself as you move forward in life. Constellation work is very different to traditional counselling methods, it works on the intellectual, emotional and soulor life force (energy) level of your being.Read more about Clearing Blocks, Letting Go, How We Can Help You
An Account Of One Person’s Own Constellation
“My first constellation was to resolve a long-standing issue with my family. I don’t have contact with my parents, my siblings, nor grandparents, cousins or anyone. My son does not have any contact with them either.I have never forgiven my birth family for my childhood treatment.I was having problems with romantic relationships, my relationship with my son, with money – you name it, I was having problems with it.I’d had some therapy in the past that didn’t seem to change anything, so I’d given up. Then I heard about Family Constellations, went along to see what it was all about. After seeing the results, I decided to have my own constellation. I knew that I would continue having problems if I didn’t resolve my issues.My constellation, 3 months ago, uncovered the fact that nobody in my family, going back generations, spoke to each other. Talk about repeating patterns! Other things came to light too, but the facts uncovered aren’t really important – it’s the freeing up of the energy. And forgiveness isn’t necessary. I can’t forgive my family, however, I have now given the responsibility for the issues back to where they belonged – back in the past. It’s too soon to tell yet, but I expect that my son will now not continue the problems.

I spent some quiet time later that day and the next, allowing the constellation to continue working.

And the very next day, I started receiving money. I am a freelancer, so finances are very erratic. However, money is now coming to me nearly everyday, from a variety of sources, some totally unexpected, and it hasn’t stopped either.

My relationship with my son has improved too – we are communicating well again, and seemed to have regained respect and affection for each other. I still don’t communicate with my own family, however, it doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

My next constellation addressed a different issue, my romantic relationships. While some have lasted for years, they all ended, and I’m still looking for Mr Right. Men, however, weren’t attracted to me anymore at all. I liked some of them (the few I met), but the feeling wasn’t reciprocated. All the major relationships in my life were represented in my constellation, and I was able to resolve the various issues, and say ‘goodbye’. Like a ceremony. One in particular I still felt a lot of hatred for, and had feelings of revenge.

I’m happy to say that hatred has now lifted, I didn’t realise I had this stone in my heart, but it has now gone. And I’ve since met a few potential partners, in fact, they’re everywhere!

I don’t know how it works, or why – I don’t have to. And even with no faith in the process, it still works.

I’ve heard many more success stories from others too. I highly recommend the Family Constellation process to everyone having issues, no matter what they are. It can bring about emotional healing, and emotional release.”

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