It is your responsibility to disclose any physical or mental health issues that you have in order that we can guide you appropriately.

The Process of Family Constellations often involves intense emotional experiences. You need to accept full responsibility for your participation and processing. You are welcome to discuss with the facilitator prior to the seminar or at appropriate time.

During a Family Constellation workshop strong emotions and some physical symptoms may be experienced for which you will need to take full responsibility, as we each process in different ways and rates. Participation may be therapeutic, educational and informative.

Family Constellations is a healing modality that seeks to help you release yourself from unhealthy inherited or present day situations. According to this philosophy, the unhealthy stresses that occur across generations form an environment that allows physical, psychological and emotional patterns to emerge. These prevent you from achieving your full potential in your personal or professional life.

Please note -This process is not meant to replace, but to compliment any medical diagnosis or treatment programs in relieving the stresses in which these complaints thrive. If you are being treated by a medical or clinical registered practitioner, then they can accompany you in the workshop, free of charge, to provide any additional support (if you need it). This is not necessary in a private session, as Yildiz Sethi is a Clinical Registered counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist.

It is your responsibility to disclose and discuss any concerns prior to, or on booking.

Generally, while working with us in Family Constellations it is best not to consult other therapists and other modalities while in this process, as this can result in confusion and disrupt the healing process. It is my belief that each mode of therapy should be applied as purely as possible to gain their full benefits.

For those under medical supervision it is your responsibility to disclose and discuss your situation on or prior to booking.

In order to supply the very best service and support, we offer you help in two strands :

  1. Looking at the generational or present day influences that bind you psychologically. Family Constellations helps to release you from these unhealthy influences.
  2. Looking at inner conflicts. Once the generational patterns are cleared, personal therapy can help to resolve and integrate inner conflicts, emotions, communication and many other issues.

We strongly recommend that your family constellation be followed by a personal integration session to ensure steady progress.

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