Typical Family History questions you may be asked 
when doing your constellation

Not everyone knows all of their family history well. Don’t worry if your knowledge is limited.

It may be useful to consider any of the following.

  • Did someone in your family die young, in childbirth, in battle, by suicide or any other tragic circumstance?
  • Did someone commit a crime, or are there any other reasons for strong feelings of guilt in the family.
  • Did the parents have previous marriages, engagements, partners, lovers or love relationships?
  • Were there family members who’s difficult fates made them “outsiders”-eg were they handicapped, financially embarrassed, immigrants, homosexual, born outside marriage, seriously ill while young, unmarried, imprisoned or institutionalized due to mental illness?
  • Has a child’s relationship to his or her natural parents been severely impacted in some way, separated from their parents or still born?
  • Was anyone forced to leave their home or homeland?
  • Did anyone in the family have parents of two nationalities?

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