Why be a participant/ representative?

About being a participant representative

One participant/representative’s experience

Why be a participant/representative?

  • Being a participant/representative in a Family Constellations workshop can help you gain insight and awareness into your own situation, relationships and emotions.
  • Watch and experience the Family Constellations process
  • You may be asked to take part in other people’s constellations
  • See the facilitators at work

“Each constellation offers an opportunity for finding new insights and helps the participant/representative to accept the complexity of human experience. Even a participant/representative who has not had the chance to be a representative will return home a changed person.” From ”Images of the Soul” by Dann Van Kampenhout

Being a participant/representative in a workshop can help you gain insight and awareness into your own life. It can be very powerful, in that you can observe and possibly be a representative in constellations and experience, feel and learn a lot about your own situation, as well as others.

It is a wonderful, experiential way of understanding the process of constellation work and also a way of tapping into your own family or relationship situation. Great insight can be gained. Many people report great shifts or awareness raising of their own situation from being a participant.

About being a participant/representative.
As a participant you will have the experience of observing first hand what happens In a constellation.You may also be chosen to be a representative in a constellation. Being a representative involves being placed in a position in the room according to where you are put by the person with the issue. You may be asked to represent the daughter, mother, father, grandfather, wife or husband.Being a participant/representative means that you don’t do your own constellation, however you may take part in other people’s constellations. This is not a role play or psychodrama. All you have to do is to stand where you are put and report on your feelings if you are asked by the facilitator. It could be that you are feeling strong emotions or nothing.You may also refuse to take on a role if you prefer.

One Participant/representative’s Experience
”This was amazing. I was picked to represent a person in someone else’s constellation, and I did so with some trepidation. Could I do it? I didn’t know the person, didn’t know the woman having the constellation, and had only heard very briefly what the issue was about. No story, nor any of the history. Just some facts. I also don’t think I’m particularly psychic or intuitive. How was I going to do this?As I listened to some of the other participants during the process, I had an overwhelming urge to say something – I knew that this information was correct, and my arms were tingling. Weird sensation. So I said it – and everyone there knew it was right. During the session, I continued to participate, not thinking about what I was going to say, just allowing to come it through me.Another time as a participant I had an even greater physical sensation. I was representing someone’s father, a bit of a tyrant, as it turned out. My right ear suddenly felt as if it had water in it – very uncomfortable. Apparently, I found out later, this person did have problems with his right ear in real life. Spooky! The feeling dissipated during the rest of the afternoon, then disappeared. I’ve had water in my ears before, but never without the water!

I’m certain that some of my issues were resolved through these processes. I learnt a lot about myself too, and they also helped to clarify other issues for me.”

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