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Why Have Your Own Constellation?

In doing your own Family constellation or Business Constellation you will be able to examine the dynamics of your situation from an impartial position and allow healing of systemic and personal relationships to take place. You will see the bigger picture, which might involve other influences from previous generations that you may not have been aware of. The constellation will show you reality and also facilitate emotional release and healing to take place in a unique experiential personal development process.

In doing your own Family or Business Constellation you will also have the opportunity to represent in other constellations.

Following integration of your constellation, you may be able to make the most of your relationships and feel more whole within yourself as you move forward in life. Constellation work is very different to traditional counselling methods, as it works on the intellectual, unconscious, systemic emotional and soul or life force (energy) level of your being.

Doing your own constellation is a powerful way of dealing with a personal, relationship or work issue that is brief, experiential and solution focused. Doing a Constellation incurs a higher fee, while being a representative incurs a lower fee.

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Family Constellation or Business Constellation

After a short discussion with the facilitator you will be asked to pick representatives of the people of the issue and place them in relation to each other. This sets up the constellation and shows the underlying dynamic of your situation. The constellation taps into the energy field of the family and the situation and the facilitator guides it to a place of more order. This is a solution-focused, experiential process that is brief. Constellations places are limited and booked at registration in the booking process.

Family Constellations can help resolve the cause of an issue in just one or a few sessions, giving emotional healing, emotional release and personal development.

Having your own constellation is a wonderful way of enabling you to be aware of what is going on at a soul level as well as the collective energy of the family or group as well. With this knowledge and experience, you have an opportunity to allow your intellect and emotions to come into a healthier place if you choose. Finding more acceptance and peace in your life is now possible.

All you need to get the most out of your constellation is a desire for change and a relatively small amount of time and money. For issues that are not too deep, normally all you need is one constellation for one issue. For deeper issues it may be a few constellations and some support after the process.

Being a representative? This incurs a lower fee. 

Being a representative and observer is a great entry level into Family Constellations. It is a wonderful way to experience the process to see to see if it may be a suitable one for you.

You are likely to gain awareness and learning about relationships in general that may well be of assistance in your own life. Being a representative in a Family Constellations workshop can help you gain insight and awareness into your own situation, relationships and emotions. Great insight can be gained. Many people report great shifts or awareness raising of their own situation from being a participant.

You may be asked to take part in other people’s constellations You have the opportunity to see the facilitator at work,

“Each constellation offers an opportunity for finding new insights and helps the participant/representative to accept the complexity of human experience. Even a participant/representative who has not had the chance to be a representative will return home a changed person.”
From Images of the Soul by Dann Van Kampenhout

It can be very powerful, in that you can observe and possibly be a representative in constellations and experience, feel and learn a lot about your own situation, as well as others.

About being a representative. As a representative you will have the experience of observing first hand what happens In a constellation. You may also be chosen to be a representative in a constellation. Being a representative involves being placed in a position in the room according to where you are put by the person with the issue. You may be asked to represent the daughter, mother, father, grandfather, wife or husband.

Being a representative means that you don’t do your own constellation. This is not a role play or psychodrama. All you have to do is to stand where you are placed and report on your feelings if you are asked by the facilitator. It could be that you are feeling strong emotions or nothing at all.

You may also refuse to take on a role if you prefer to observe only.
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Healing from the Roots – One day workshop when available

These come in two types.
Workshop A. There are Two entry levels: Constellation or Representative

You are guaranteed to do your constellation if you book it in this workshop. During this workshop a number of constellations take place in the day. This is a powerful day of experiences that will often touch each person on several levels due to the variety of the constellations that take place. All participants may be chosen to take part in constellations throughout the day.

Cost to do your own constellation is fairly consistent whether you choose to do it in a One Day, Two day workshop or private session

Workshop One Day

In this workshop  you are guaranteed to do your own constellation if you book it.

You will observe or take part in other constellations throughout the day.

Healing from the roots Two days workshop

In this workshop  you are guaranteed to do your own constellation if you book it.

This is the same as a one day workshop but with more constellations. This is a powerful day of experiences that will often touch each person on several levels due to the variety of the constellations that take place. All participants may be chosen to take part in constellations throughout the workshop.

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