Why Choose Us?

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  • In choosing Yildiz Sethi of Family Constellations you are selecting a highly trained and experienced  facilitator.
  • Yildiz has beenTrained by Bert Hellinger and many other international trainers.
    Find out more about Yildiz who has been facilitating Family Constellations  since 2005.
  • The workshops are small, confidential and personal and you can choose to do a Constellation for a
    standard fee that guarantees your Constellation or come as an observer/ representative for a lower fee.
    (There are many ways of conducting Family Constellations workshops. Many charge one price and include many people in the workshops, where a lucky few get to do a constellation.
    It is our policy to have smaller workshops where you are guaranteed to do yourFamily Constellation or Business Constellation
  • To find out more about Yildiz 

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