Why Choose Family Constellations?

Family Constellations is an alternative or compliment to counselling, psychotherapy or personal development for connecting to Love Success and Wellness for individuals, couples, families and business.

Family Constellations and Business Constellations is quick, effective and can assist you in resolving Blocks to Success, Love and Wellness. It can rapidly reveal the underlying dynamics of any situation or relationship and also your best possible solutions.

Why Choose us?

If you have tried everything else and are really ready for change and are looking for an effective approach operating at a Mind, Body, Soul approach then contact us now.

Where circumstances are such that they can’t be changed, Family Constellation may show you a new perspective and a way to acceptance and letting go, so that you may move forward with more peace.

You will receive the highest professional and caring service with family Constellations Pty Ltd.

The Family Constellations and Business Systems approach is effective and appropriate for:

  • Couples a brief intervention or part of a couple’s or marriage counselling program.
  • Divorce, Separation Moving into acceptance, resolution and completion.
  • Families, Parenting Parent-child relationships. Changing family dynamics.
  • Individual self development, self control, personal growth, Spiritual growth.
  • Personal Development Self acceptance and love. Creating healthy base for personal or spiritual growth
  • Resolving Personal issues Self Esteem, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attack, Abuse, Emotional, Sexual
  • Blended families Blending the old with the new and finding your healthy place.
  • Letting go of old partner(s) or issues
  • Abuse physical abuse, emotional abuse help, sexual abuse and incest
  • Business and work. conflict resolution. Effective management for success.
  • Karma literally means action. There is a cause and effect relationship. Action-reaction.

Family Constellations and Business Constellations is a process that is Experiential, Systemic, Brief and Solution Focused.Experiential. You experience your situation through seeing it from another perspective through sight, hearing, feeling and intellectually through more understanding and through your unconscious patterning.Systemic. As we all come from family systems and are both individual and also part of our family system it is necessary to look at each person from both perspectives. Finding a healthy place in the family system can help all other aspects of life to fall into place particularly the sense of belonging, connection, self esteem and worthiness which are the roots for being in the world in a healthy way in relationships, success and in wellness. Of course it is your choice as to whether you accept the new perspective or not. This is a new generation of help and healing.Family and Business Constellations are at the leading edge of developments in personal development, mental health issues of all kinds, health generally and the ability to be successful.The process is Brief. Anything from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. Shorter constellations have the same impact, value as longer constellations in that they go as long as is needed to resolve an issue. The Family Constellation or Business Constellation may stand alone as a personal development process or be part of a longer therapeutic or coaching process.Solution focused. The process will show possible solutions in finding your best place with any issue.

For much more detail of Family Constellation theory and practice and where it fit sin the therapeutic world see the book Raoid Core Healing

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