If you are looking for a way of enhancing the work you do with others and want a holistic approach involving mind, body and soul that is highly effective then this may be ideal for you. You may already know that we are all part of our family system and working with the system is a powerful way of coming to a place of personal resolution. Family Constellations is Systemic Therapy. Family Constellations is also known as Systemic Therapy. Family Constellations comes from the Phenomenological, Humanistic approach in being experiential, however it is also a brief intervention and solution focused. Generally Family Constellation training is for people who are already in the business of working with others in a therapeutic way. The training is appropriate for professionals who already have training and appropriate memberships to professional organisations and appropriate insurance for dealing with individuals.

While traditionally Family Constellations has taken place in seminars or workshops worldwide since its inception with the innovator Bert Hellinger, the work or Ursula Franke enabled this work to transpose into private sessions. This development is extremely useful for most therapist who work individually with clients. For this reason module 3 is devoted to the use of Family Constellations in private sessions in 3 different formats so that participants are well equipped to use it in workshops or in private sessions.

To become an effective facilitator you need to be prepared to look at yourself and resolve your own entanglements as much as possible know ing that we like our client are human and also a product of all that has gone before us.

  • Be compassionate without the need to ‘save’ others.
  • Be able to be present to strong emotions.
  • Hold the space.
  • Be comfortable with not knowing

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