Advanced Training Wellness and Dis-ease Constellations

In the aid of healing.

Wellness and disease is sometimes purely personal and often systemic, coming from the family system. While the process of Family Constellations cannot guarantee healing and a return to health, it may help to unlock and resolve the underlying dynamics that form the roots od dis-ease. We also hold the view that we are small and in the service of yours and your family soul and universal energy.

Course experience

The course is primarily experiential. You will also b given course material and recommendation of books to read. The theory is demonstrated by the practice in constellation work.
There will be detailed teaching discussion and experiences to understand and recognize course content areas focusing systemic order, entanglements, loyalties. How to conduct private sessions.

TestimonialLife changing training
This has been a life changing personal and professional development course where I take away many personal insights and also new and innovative, affective ways of working with my clients.
– Jenny

Course Content

  • Systemic order
  • Private sessions
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Mind Body Soul connections with health, life and death.
  • Dis-ease
  • Legal and ethical issues for practitioners.
  • Mental health issues.
  • The pull towards life and eath.
  • Reaching out movement.
  • Rituals for clearing ancestral energy

To enrol in this course you must have completed the foundation course Details

Complete 2 year course outline

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