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Family Constellations Advanced Training Brisbane. Trainers – Yildiz and Satish Sethi – Yildiz is a Member of ISCA and recognized as a practitioner with DGfS Germany.

Why Choose Us

Yildiz and Satish have facilitated a minimum of 10 public workshops per year since the beginning of 2005. In addition they have been delivering training for four consecutive years. In her private practice Yildiz facilitates approximately 10 private constellations per week. We have a wealth of experience to share.

Family Constellation Advanced Training Year 2
Deepening family Constellations. Family Constellation Training Part 1 repeat, plus two advanced training workshops.
workshops in Business Constellations and Wellness/Disease.

Students who have completed part 1 and do not want to do a full Part 2 Deepening family Constellations may do one or both Advanced training for further professional development.

Students who have NOT done Part 1 training with us may do Advanced training workshops if they can show proof of at least 9 days Family Constellations Training with a reputable Trainer. Please ask for details.

Further training to deepen your experience is available to increase your knowledge, experience and skills.

1) Repeat of year 1 cost is $600 only (this includes 4 days of workshops) – 9 days intensive or 3 by 3 day over 3 months.

2) Deepening Family Constellations Part 2 – advanced topics Brisbane:

Business Constellations
  Wellness and Dis-ease

These are 3 day trainings

You may rest assured that you are receiving quality training with us, as we keep up with the latest developments in best practice in training.

To Find out if you can do Advanced training Read More

Benefits of the Family Constellations training with us:

  • Improve your effectiveness with your clients.
  • Learn some invaluable cutting edge skills that complement what you already do.
  • Personal Development.
  • Learn Family Constellations in a professional and supportive environment.
  • High quality training with an internationally registered facilitator who is also an educator at Australian College of Applied Psychology.
  • Students who have trained with us feel competent to start using this modality it in their work very soon after finishing the course.
  • Become part of the growing Constellation world in Australia, be listed as a practioner on our site. You may receive on going support in supervision.
  • We are registered to provide PD points for our courses and workshop.

We have a wealth of experience to share. Facilitated a minimum of 10 public workshops per year since the beginning of 2005. Yildiz facilitates approximately 10 private constellations per week.

“Family Constellation Facilitation Training with Yildiz Sethi has been personally enriching and professionally invaluable. Her presentation of the practice of family constellation work is grounded in her deep knowledge of the theory that underpins this remarkable modality. At all times I have felt supported and safe in my exploration and learning”. Gail Kenny. Counsellor/psychotherapist.

About the Training
The Family Constellations Training consists of theory and experiential practice, with opportunities to do your own constellations throughout, giving rise to both personal development and professional development, covering Family of Origin, Present Family and Relationships including facilitation of Groups and Private sessions. Learn in a friendly and professional environment.

There is Supervision that we are presently providing that will be available to you after the training for continued support.

The location of the training venue is Hamilton in North Brisbane, 4Km from Brisbane CBD and close to restaurants/eateries of Racecourse Rd and Portside. On the bus route 300, 305 from CBD and the Brisbane river-cat ferry to the city. The location is also within an easy walking distance to local motels and hotels.

Yildiz Sethi

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Phone  0412 172 300     Contact

I am in the middle of the training, having completed two three days training workshops in Brisbane and one more practical workshop in Sydney. Family Constellations are difficult to teach; there are some basic rules, a handful of theory, but most of it is practice, being rather spiritual in nature, so the choice of teachers is very important. The class is small; Yildiz and Satish are very professional, perfectly balancing theory and practice, encouraging questions. I am already using the elements of Family Constellations in my daily practice, especially when there are difficult issues with the client’s family of origin. Clients reach the level of acceptance and peace, and change is very deep, they feel strength and often self love. It would be difficult with other methods. So I’ve found my training already extremely beneficial. for my clients and I am very grateful to Yildiz and Satish.”

Joanna Malinowska
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Resolutions to problems which had seemed unattainable by my mind are forming in the field of my life.

John Pelly
I have found the Family Constellation Training to be extremely beneficial for understanding the family dynamics of my clients and also for my own journey of self discovery. I have used many different modalities for self development and I have found the constellation work to be particularly valuable for working with unresolved issues from the past which are impacting on ones current life situation.

Judy Dawson.
Grad Dip Csling. Registered member of PACFA

“I am amazed with the depth of solutions reached for the whole family system in Family Constellation therapy. I’ve came to my first workshop with Yildiz in early May this year and I was so impressed that I’ve decided to start training as soon as possible. This very first workshop was a strong energy work; the participants who take the roles of client’s family members do not play the roles, but access the real energy of those members. It needs to be experienced, so I leave the descriptions out. Also the mastery of facilitators, Yildiz and Satish Sethi is difficult to describe. It is also important that they run Constellations together and this way they are more precise in perceiving the full energy movement.

Kath, Brisbane
“In 2009, I undertook the Family Constellations Course offered by Yildiz and Satish. The course provided me with an extraordinary education into family & systemic dynamics. The great aspect of this course, is that you are educated in theory, as well as, in the practical, gaining many tools and skills to take with you on the healing journey. The experience was life-changing and life-enhancing in so many ways. What I have gained for my personal and professional life through this course is invaluable. I fully recommend studying Family Constellations with Yildiz and Satish, who both offer a positive, safe, ethical and professional framework and environment for this type of study.”


Family Constellations P/L, PO Box 767, Hamilton 4007 Qld

Advanced Training is in Brisbane
Cancellation Policy

There is a non-refundable $50 fee in case of cancellation.

Payment options.

Book an day on line or phone to pay by credit card or

Internet banking payment
Bank: Bankwest Family Constellations
BSB: 304-029 Account number: 005 9322.

Phone: , 0412 172 300

Website: www.familyconstellations.com.au

In Summary:
Family Constellation courses are experiential
Family Constellations Training for counsellors – add an extra tool to your repertoire
Family Constellations Training is held in Brisbane
Family Constellations Training is aimed at providing an extra skill to trained therapists.
Learn Family Constellations for your own personal development as well as learning a new process.

To enrol in advanced courses you must have completed the foundation course Details