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The Family Constellation process looks easy, particularly when watching a highly skilled and experienced practitioner. However, such practitioners have the theory and practice etched very deeply into their being and so it flows fluently into action. It looks easy but requires good training, lots of experience and professional development to gain competency and fluency in this modality.

The history of Family Constellation training is sketchy. For many years potential Family Constellation facilitators would simply take part in workshops or attach themselves to a facilitator as a mentor.

In the early days it was thought that Family Constellation training could be gained by taking part in many workshops with either the same of different facilitators.

From about 2004/5 a few wise practitioners realised that trainees required much more than that to be proficient and to ensure a duty of care to the public. A few started doing structured training and teaching of Family Constellation in a teaching and experiential manner. Attending public workshops no longer fulfilled the role of training. Training became separate to workshops. This approach has increasing become standard practice in training.

We are aware that our reputation as Family Constellation trainers depends on how proficient our trainees are in their practice.

The value of training is measured in the quality and depth of the content covered in the course. The training depends on the development and experience of the trainer, the quality of their teaching, their experience in Family Constellations and whether the teacher had done their own constellation.

The experiential nature of the Family Constellation process is largely carried through to the training style. This becomes a place for learning as well as practice and experience along with significant personal development. The key to good quality FC training is that personal development is just as important as professional development.

The opportunity to:

  • resolve personal issues
  • being comfortable with your own family of origin
  • discover your blind spot

as a potential facilitator must be a prerequisite for assisting others with theirs.

This enables more authenticity and deeper, more sensitive facilitation in trainees.

At Family Constellations Pty Ltd we offer comprehensive structured training consisting of Family of origin, present family and private sessions (in three formats/styles). Training takes place in Part 1 and Deepening part 2.

Family Constellation part 1 training is often sufficient to give students enough knowledge to hold groups or private sessions.

The next step is part 2 Advanced Family Constellation training called Deepening Family Constellations. This consists of repeating part 1 (for a lower fee) and attending 2 advanced modules (Business Constellation and Wellness Constellations). This enables trainees to gain in-depth knowledge and increase their experience of theory, dynamics and practice.

Much is missed in part 1 as there is a lot to assimilate. A new trainee won’t have the same insight in part 1 as they have in part 2 when many more aspects will come into awareness.

If you have done some Family Constellation Training and would like to further training with us Read on

Family Constellations training will enable you to become a Rapid Core Healing Practitioner. This means you gain a certificate in:

  1. Rapid Core Healing
  2. Emotional Mind Integration
  3. Family Constellations.

Rapid Core Healing

Emotional Mind Integration

Year Training Additional Training
Year 1 Basic (78 hours PD)



13 days. 3 modules plus 4 workshop days

  • Family of origin
  • Present family
  • Private sessions + attending 4 workshop days
Year 2 Deepening Family Constellations (126 hours PD)

Advanced Training
1 Wellness Constellations 3 days
2 Business Constellations 3 days.

 MORE details of Year 2

13 days. 3 modules plus attending 4 workshop days

plus 6 days of Advanced training.
(Two 3 day workshops)

2 Year complete course outline 
is 204 hours professional development
 Articles  Further reading

78 hours of Professional Development

Testimonial “This training was like a breath of fresh air, so practical and user friendly and soulful. Amazing professional and personal development. So powerful”. Jenny psychotherapist
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Healing from the Roots Systemic Family Constellation training

Family Constellations Training is perfect for individuals, coach’s, leaders, therapists, counsellors, psychologists, social workers.

You may choose Family Constellation training 1 in a
9 day intensive, OR  3 separate 3 day modules over 3 months when available.

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If you have a group of people who would like to take part in Family Constellation training please contact me to discuss.- contact

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Yildiz is the author and innovator of Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing: Using the unique dual approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration: For personal and systemic health.

52350635_High Resolution Front Cover_6133075This is a book that is a must for those who are interested in psychotherapy and the role of Family Constellations within it.

This a unique dual approach to personal and systemic healing. Emotional Mind Integration EMI for personal, independent issue resolution and Family Constellations (FC) for family system issues  This is a highly effective dual methodology for deep healing resolution and growth.

This is a book that people who help people will find invaluable.
For More information or to buy a book see
Rapid Core Healing

Yildiz has created a two new modalities that are shown in the book

Rapid Core healing (RCH)

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)

RCH is EMI + Family Constellations in a unique Dual approach to Pathways of Healing

Become an Rapid Core Healing practitioner

Rapid Core Healing Program

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