Family Constellations Training

Family Constellations Pty offers Training in

Family Constellations

Rapid Core Healing

Emotional Mind Integration

Year Training Additional Training
Year 1 Basic (78 hours PD)



13 days. 3 modules plus 4 workshop days

  • Family of origin
  • Present family
  • Private sessions + attending 4 workshop days
Year 2 Deepening Family Constellations (126 hours PD)

Advanced Training
1 Wellness Constellations 3 days
2 Business Constellations 3 days.

 MORE details of Year 2

13 days. 3 modules plus attending 4 workshop days

plus 6 days of Advanced training.
(Two 3 day workshops)

2 Year complete course outline 
is 204 hours professional development
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78 hours of Professional Development

Testimonial “This training was like a breath of fresh air, so practical and user friendly and soulful. Amazing professional and personal development. So powerful”. Jenny psychotherapist
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Healing from the Roots Systemic Family Constellation training

Family Constellations Training is perfect for individuals, coach’s, leaders, therapists, counsellors, psychologists, social workers.

You may choose Family Constellation training 1 in a
9 day intensive, OR  3 separate 3 day modules over 3 months when available.

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If you have a group of people who would like to take part in Family Constellation training please contact me to discuss.- contact

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Yildiz is the author and innovator of Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing: Using the unique dual approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration: For personal and systemic health.

52350635_High Resolution Front Cover_6133075This is a book that is a must for those who are interested in psychotherapy and the role of Family Constellations within it.

This a unique dual approach to personal and systemic healing. Emotional Mind Integration EMI for personal, independent issue resolution and Family Constellations (FC) for family system issues  This is a highly effective dual methodology for deep healing resolution and growth.

This is a book that people who help people will find invaluable.
For More information or to buy a book see
Rapid Core Healing

Yildiz has created a two new modalities that are shown in the book

Rapid Core healing (RCH)

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)

RCH is EMI + Family Constellations in a unique Dual approach to Pathways of Healing

Become an Rapid Core Healing practitioner

Rapid Core Healing Program

For details of  Deepening Family Constellation Part 2
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Details of advanced Health training courses
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A more effective way to work RCH

Rejecting parents is a poor choice. See article

About Yildiz Sethi:

High resolution images and interviews are available on request and on website.

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