Family Constellations Training Courses Calender

Testimonial: “This training was like a breath of fresh air, so practical and user friendly and soulful. Amazing professional and personal development. So powerful”. Jenny psychotherapist

Please contact (+61) 0412 172 300 if you are having trouble booking in. Click on BOOK button to enroll on a course.

Date Location Event Number of days Type Earlybird Date Early Bird Price Full Price
10/11/2017BrisbaneWellness and Dis-Ease Training3Wellness and Dis-Ease Constellation Advanced Training if part 1 has been completed with us. Otherwise contact us with queries.$800.00BOOK
27/11/2017BrisbaneEMI 1 & EMI 2 $1800 27-29 Nov and 11-13 Dec 2017 6 days in two modules. 6 DAYS17EMI 1 & EMI 205/11/2017$1700.00$1800.00BOOK
27/11/2017BrisbaneEMI 1 27-29 Nov 9.30-16 30 3 DAYS3EMI 1$1000.00BOOK
11/12/2017BrisbaneEMI 2 11-13 DEC 2017 3 DAYS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE COMPLETED EMI 13EMI 208/11/2017$900.00$1000.00BOOK
03/01/2018BrisbaneDeepening FC part 2 repeat for those who have completed part 1 with us9Part 2 FC training$800.00BOOK
03/01/2018BrisbaneInternational Family Constellations Training 03-11 Jan 2018 9International Family Constellations Training$2900.00BOOK

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