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Energy is an integral part of the universe, our solar system, atoms, electrons that make up all objects, living and supposedly non living bodies, including the cells of the animal kingdom and the human race. Quantum physics and Einstein has shown that there is a constant interchange of matter and energy, according to E= mc2. Energy operates at all levels in the natural world.

Family Constellations is a process that utilizes existing energy fields in nature and in living beings and in family systems. The Constellation process taps into particular the energy fields of situations and relationships showing the underlying dynamics that are operating. The field that is created when a constellation is started is called “the knowing field” or technically an endomorphic field. Such fields may be located with the positive intention of facilitator and client or a group to look at a particular issue.

The phenomenon of energy fields is being investigated by environmental scientists such as William Sheldrake and is referred to as the Knowing field by those involved in Family Constellations.

the way that Family Constellations engages representatives somatically, experientially and through what we have come to know of as the Knowing field is perhaps beyond the scope of most psychological research ‘s ability examine, as it seems to operate in paradigms that that have not yet been scientifically clarified or explored because we don’t yet have the tools to do so” taken from Rapid Core Healing (2016) For more information

It has been found that when representatives of an issue are placed spatially in a room in relationship to each other in a constellation: a field forms within and around the representatives, that is readily felt by the representatives and the facilitator alike and becomes a guiding force for unfolding the issue and also revealing possible solutions.

Many people come to a Family Constellation curious, fascinated or skeptical and agree at the end of the the process that there is no other way than to experience it. We do not yet have language to describe such a process.

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