The Ancestral Brain of Family Constellations

You are an individual and also part of your family system. You not only carry genes but epigenetic studies are showing that you carry feelings and knowledge through the relations bonds that link us. I call this the ancestral brain. The brain that links the individual to the collective and the generations together. It seems that birds use an inner knowing or instinct in knowing exactly where to fly across the globe to the exact location and time to nest as former genrations.

This connection across generations is mostly positive as it gives a feeling of connection and belonging. If this is the case we as human beings can receive information with the love that comes with it. However where there are unresolved issues or trauma from the past, such as tragedies, exclusions or shame, we feel that too. Our forefathers and mothers did the best they could with what they had, but where they couldn’t resolve strong feelings, we carry shadows of their distress. This can block us from fulfilling our potential in love, work or wellness.

We may take this on as ours even though we are not aware of doing anything to cause it or we often have an unconsciously feeling of being bound to the tragedies of our past and find it difficult to let them go in a healthy and respectful way.

In this example in the Great Grandparents period something big happened that they couldn’t process. A big shock such as war, famine, tragic deaths, betrayal, exclusion, murder, sexual abuse……and so on. They did the best they could but their unresolved distress or tension is felt by future generation. Many of us are born into a feeling of guilt, shame, anger, anxiety ………and so on If this is the case you may notice a feeling or pattern that has always been there for you and was also felt by a parent or grandparent. This is a systemic issue and apart of the ancestral brain.
Counselling, coaching, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, meditation or will-power does not resolve it. This is because it is a systemic or generational issue that requires resolution at that level with the appropriate methodology. Family Constellations is a modality that is designed to work at this level.

“Epigenetics: The transgenerational transmission of ancestral trauma, experiences, and behaviors— as seen in systemic family constellations”

by Jelinek, Elizabeth Maureen, Ph.D., California Institute of Integral Studies, 2015, 146; 3726301