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Processing your constellation
Once you have done your constellation the processing of what has come to light takes place in its own time. The time it takes to process and integrate is a personal thing. It can take moments or at a maximum of weeks or months to integrate fully. It is wise to give yourself space and time for this to take place in its own time and way.For those who are finding it difficult to accept or integrate, it is recommended that you have a follow up private consultation, rather than going to another therapist who may not be familiar with constellation theory and practice. Seeing someone who is not familiar and in tune with this practice can lead to confusion and possibly unraveling the process.

We recommend a follow up integration session.

Generally this is what we suggest after a constellation:

  • Do not talk about it for a while.
  • Try not to analyze your constellation too much.
  • Rest if you can for the rest of the day.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Have a good night’s sleep.
  • Allow the energy shifts to take place in their own time.

Much of what has taken place is energetic and emotional in nature, therefore is difficult to analyze.

Often your perspective of your issue will turn out to be different to the dynamics shown in your family constellation. The constellation will show the bigger picture, which may include generational influences and different perspectives.

This can be challenging for some.

For this reason it is good to give yourself time and TLC, to allow this bigger perspective to settle into your consciousness.

For most people this is enough.

For particularly difficult or complex constellations, if you are finding it challenging to accept what came out of the constellation, it would be useful to have a follow up session of integration with Yildiz, approximately two weeks after the constellation. Contact us to discuss this.

Transitions and Change
Some people experience some physical symptoms after their constellation. This shows that there is a big emotional shift taking place. Dont worry. Give yourself time and space if you can.
Read more about Transitions and Change
After Constellation Services
Sometimes one constellation is enough but from our experience some people have needed:

  • Birth or original family constellation
  • Present family/situation constellation
  • Integration

Integrating these changes into their life using counselling, NLP or another Constellation depending on Yildiz’s prognosis as she is a Clinical Counsellor registered with ACA and ASCH

We offer special packages for these situations.

Sometimes removing one block reveals another issue, or some people have multiple issues. In these cases we recommend a private Family Constellation session. We offer special rates for this, after the first constellation.

We will design a therapy process based on your needs and requirements.