Because you are here, you are interested in fulfilling your potential in being the best that you can be.

Do you find that you;

  • Sabotage yourself?
  • Don’t reach your potential?
  • Don’t feel worthy of your goal or what you achieve?
  • Achieve but don’t maintain success?
  • Are never satisfied of your achievements?
  • Have blocks to success?

Consider what you have done so far. Living, growing, reflecting, reading, personal development, coaching, motivational seminars, therapy and yet you are looking for the next step in your growth and the process or experience that can get you to the next paradigm. You have arrived at the right place. A great book to help you understand what it is you do to yourself with a set of programs that you can used to tailor your success can be followed and adapted to your needs is “Be Rich AND  Spiritual”. To see Synopsis and Preview of this book or buy in soft cover copy or Kindle go to my sister site. Hereamaz-no1-rich-logo-small-jpg

A New Paradigm in Healing and Growth.

Constellation work works on many levels simultaneously. Family Constellations and Business Constellations. This opens the door to significant inner change Quickly. There fore it is highly cost effective compared to all the processes I mentioned earlier. You may know having been through what you have experienced that it doesn’t matter who much you smart up or put a bold smile, unless it is authentic it does not have the desired sense of presence and competence that you see to be and to convey. This is success that may be focused in any direction according to your aspirations.

Some people gain success easily with seemingly little effort, while others who may be equally or even more gifted, struggle or fail.

What is that about?

Luck, good or bad choices, or karma? To find out more about the modern psychological understanding of Karma and the 3 main types, light, medium and strong that we all have in our lives and how to work positively with them, see my book Stardust on the Spiritual Path and Be Rich AND Spiritual
We can look at this from many levels.

You could say that those with easy success are programmed more clearly for their purpose than others. Psychologically, emotionally and intellectually programmed.
Others have everything else going for them but have a psychological, emotional or systemic block.

If the block is simply of beliefs, expectations, skills and processes this can be dealt with by practice and fine tuning or coaching or even counselling.

If the block is deeper it requires a different approach. One that fits the depth required. If it is a personal psychological block a process such as EMI Emotional Mind Integration is perfect to release it in just a few sessions See EMI on my sister site

If the block is deeper still it is likely to be systemic. This requires Family Constellations or Business Constellations to release it.

team-1-medOnce this is released it allows you to reach a new paradigm, through new awareness and a new healthier relationship with yourself. From this place you can experience personal growth that MUST have an impact on you professional growth and presence and also on your relationships, success and wellness.

This is the most powerful Cost Effective gift you can give to yourself if you re really ready for change. So What are you waiting for?

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