Metaphors on Family Constellations

a) Carrying Your Own Bundle

A wise old Indian chief was talking to his students about responsibility and family life. He said that an ancestral line is like a river flowing from its source at a mountain spring. Initially bubbling out fresh and pure water over boulders and waterfalls and becoming more turbulent as it flows. Then travelling down the slope, it is joined by new bodies of water due to rain and streams joining it further down the river, becoming murkier and cloudier as the water followed the path of the river to the sea. Then one day, the Spirit Gods decided that the water was getting too muddy and it was spoiling the clarity of the river as a whole. He told each body of water to take back its own turbulence of pebbles and sand and to make its own whirlpool to push all of the rubbish to the river bed, leaving only pure, fresh, life-giving water to flow forward. The river immediately divided into many whirlpools all down its length. Eventually, once clarity was restored, the whirlpools stopped and peace flowed in the river with new life and vigor and vibrancy. Now when you see a whirl pool in a river you know that one of the bodies of the river is depositing what it doesn’t want to carry any more.Family Constellations is like a whirlpool clearing out all that has been decomposing…so that the water is fresh and clear again.

b) Standing in the Light

There was a beautiful woman in her prime. She had a beautiful body and face, long silky hair and a very sweet nature. However if you put on these special glasses that allow you to see beyond normal vision, you can see that she has three large lumps on her body that are preventing her from achieving her dreams. If you look really carefully with your special glasses, you can see each lump attached to a strand. One linking to her mother, one to her father and one to an ancestor that had a tragic life. One day when the beautiful woman was walking through a forest, she came upon a clearing where the sunlight was streaming through it to the ground with an intensity that was unusually vibrant. She stepped into the light, basking in its beautiful cleansing quality. She looked down at her body and for the first time noticed the three large lumps and wandered how they got there. She asked out loud, “how did they get there?” As if by magic her father suddenly appeared before her, saying. “It is mine, I now feel ready to hold it for myself” As it moved over towards him, it disappeared as it merged into his body. He suddenly stood up, looking stronger and straighter looking at his daughter a with great love that she had never seen before. Next, her mother appeared and then her great aunt, both also now willingly to taking back their own lumps. They also stood up with renewed strength and pride, glowing with love for her. In a few more moments the sun moved behind a tree and the light along with her family members faded. A little dazed, the woman continued on her walk noticing that she was feeling stronger and vibrant with a warm inner glow and lightness that she had never experienced before. She also noticed an inner knowing and excitement that she would now be able to follow her dreams.Family constellations is like a magic light that allows you to dissolve unhealthy attachments for a clearer brighter present and future.

c) Rainbow
There was a very beautiful coral fish called Rainbow living in a coral reef in the tropics. The sea was clear and warm and full of delicious things to eat. Rainbow had everything that she could wish for, but some how she didn’t feel that she could enjoy or appreciate it fully. All of her young life she has been aware of feeling heavy, clumsy and slow. She never seemed to be at the right place or time to have fun with the other fish, or attract a good mate. In addition, everything looked a little gray through her eyes. One day as she was floating around in a quiet part of the reef, she came across a big wise old coral fish called Angela sitting on a large piece of coral. They got talking and soon Rainbow was feeling very comfortable with Angela and told her about how heavy and slow she felt. Angelina was a bit of a wizard and had developed extraordinary eyesight and perception. As she looked at Rainbow she noticed that she was carrying a large bundle on her back. She saw that the bundle belonged to her mother.
Angelina said “Why don’t you let your mother carry her own bundle?”

Rainbow replied “Mum is so tired, she has so many children, I wanted to help her out” “In holding this for her you are carrying a bit of her life force, which weakens her further. If you let her carry it for herself she will feel stronger.” Angelina replied. “ Do you mean that I’m not helping her at all by carrying it?” Said Rainbow “No, Mums are made to do what they do, you will be able to do it too when its your time.” Said Angelina.
After thanking Angelina, Rainbow went to find her Mother and offered to give back the bundle that she was carrying for her. Mum gladly took it back and looked much stronger almost straight away as she did so. Also, Rainbow suddenly noticed how energized and light she felt and how everything in the reef looked brighter. She was also aware of a very good-looking male fish was looking at her with interest. Rainbow knew that life would be different from now on.

Family Constellations allows you to feel the baggage that you are carrying for others and let it go back to the rightful owners, giving you freedom and lightness in your life.

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