Private Sessions

The cost of a Family Constellations is a similar cost regardless of whether it is a one or two day workshop or private session.

  • Private Sessions in person or by phone or Skype $300
  • Private Business Constellation $300.
    (Ask for details for larger organisations).
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Ask yourself the following questions

  • Have I had enough of my current situation?
  • Am I ready for change on all levels?
  • Do I deserve a fuller more satisfying life?
  • Would I like to be happier?
  • Would I like to be more confident?
  • Would I like to achieve my goals?

If your answer to the questions above is yes then all you need to do is to decide if you would prefer a private or workshop experience.

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Workshops. one or two day. Costs on Calendar
Choose to do your own constellation or be a participant/representative to experience the process. Constellation places are generally booked out quickly. See workshop page for costs.

  • Constellation. Do your own constellation to look at an issue for yourself in order to help you find a resolution, more clarity, another perspective or your best option or place.
  • Participant/representative. Being a participant/representative in the workshops is a very easy way of experiencing the power of the process and the group in that you may be an observer or take part in the constellations in progress for a much reduced price.

Group for 6 weeks.Healing from the Roots – Ask for details
Suitable for individuals or couples who are looking for personal development or healing of relationships.

Private Organisation Constellation session– ask for details.

What is the difference between a private session and a workshop.?
There are several differences. I believe the workshop experience is the most comprehensive and it is also the traditional and original way for constellations to occur. The value of the collective energy of the workshop and allowing this to work in the representatives of the people in your issue, is amazing, as it shows up the energy of the people concerned. Watching the movement of the constellation as the client, helps to give you another perspective and provide an opening for resolution. The constellation also has the effect of working within you at the same time. In addition, being a representative yourself for other constellations and also observing constellations is a very moving experience, which in itself has lots of value and often creates shifts and changes on many different levels, as we are all connected. We are all siblings, chidren, lovers or spouses and possibly parents too.You will find that we are all connected energetically. In short, there are lots of valuable points in doing a workshop.Many people came to the workshop several times to work on a different issue each time, rather than have private sessions. For people who are wanting to make major changes and shifts in their lives, time spent attending a workshop is a very small price of time to pay. Some people do a workshop constellation and then a follow up with private session if it is required. Everyone is different.Private sessions can also be very useful, but normally you would need at least two or three private sessions. Some people prefer this way of working and also get great benefit from this. I am probably one of the most experienced in private constellation sessions in Australia and my clients do find them very powerful also. However you are not learning from other experiences and therefore may not be getting that larger perspective in such a powerful way. Having said this, those people who have private sessions are very happy with the results. One of the advantages of private sessions is that you may receive any of my services(e.g.Hypnosis) as well as family constellation work in the sessions giving you a comprehensive and powerful brief therapy.It might be useful for you to come to a workshop as a participant only initially, for you to experience the family constellation process and us and to see if you feel that this is right for you.

Yildiz’s Therapy philosophy
Yildiz is a therapist coming from a humanistic approach, primarily focusing on the “here and now” aspects that you bring to therapy. She does however, acknowledge that the past has had a big influence in what you may be experiencing now, in terms of emotions or relationships. She is particularly skilled in assisting you in resolving or clearing disturbed emotions or trauma, in a gentle, and relatively rapid manner, allowing you to be free-er and make the most of now. Yildiz is a brief therapist, therefore most clients see her for about 3-5 private sessions on average. By this time most people are able to get on with their lives in their own way and rely on their own resources. Part of the therapy process is strengthening personal resources and promoting empowerment.

Singles, couples or group sessions available.
Follow up integration sessions are often useful after workshop constellations.

Master Applied Social Science (Counselling) B.Ed.(Sci), Graduate Diploma Counselling, Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, Certificate Ego State Therapy, NLP, NRT, Timeline Therapy, Systemic Family Constellations practitioner and trainer. Educator Australian College of Applied Psychology. Clinical Registered Supervisor for counselling and Hypotherapy. Certificate 4 workplace.

Clinical Registraton with ACA. AHA,

We have had extensive training from internationally recognised Family Constellations practitioners including Bert Hellinger himself. Bert Hellinger is the founder of Family Constellations. We are now leading specialists in private sessions in Family and Business constellations as well as workshop constellations.

Yildiz is the author of two Number One Best sellers on Amazon of two Personal Development books. Stardust on the Spiritual Path and Be Rich AND Spiritual. 2014 and book on Rapid Core HealingPathways to growth and Emotional Healing (2016) For details of the books see Yildiz Sethi

Founder of Two new modalities.

Yildiz is the Founder of (EMI) Emotional Mind Integration Details and (RCH) Rapid Core Healing  Details

Family Constellations
This can be done in groups/workshops or in private sessions. or by phone/Skype Contact us for a private session or

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Follow up and Support

Yildiz has extensive skills and experience that may be adapted to your unique needs.

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