Resolve Rather than mange your Problems

Learn how to RESOLVE rather than MANAGE emotional and relationship issues for your clients in groups and private sessions.

Why manage such things as ANGER when you can resolve them at their roots relatively briefly?

Would you like to learn the powerful, psycho-spiritual and effective methodology that is revolutionalising the treatment and approach to Mental Health, Family and Relationships around the world?

Learn the Art and Practice of Systemic Family Constellations in Sydney with an Internationally recognized and registered trainer and facilitator. No longer do you have to go to Europe to receive this unique training.

What is different about Family Constellations?

This methodology may be used as a brief stand alone intervention or part of a more traditional therapeutic process. The process taps into the underlying dynamics of personal or relationship issues, which may go back several generations in order to resolve and ease the disturbances felt by present generation members. This process works with family and relationship energy and the unhealthy bonds that hold them back or cause problems. This results in many changes opening up for the client in terms of relationships, love, self esteem and connection, which are an essential step towards well-being in all avenues of life.

This process is suitable for Marriage, Divorce, Separation, Adoption, Family, Migration, Parenting, Suicide, Self Harm, Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks and much more.

“Family Constellation Facilitation Training with Yildiz Sethi has been personally enriching and professionally invaluable.  Her presentation of the practice of family constellation work is grounded in her deep knowledge of the theory that underpins this remarkable modality.  At all times I have felt supported and safe in my exploration and learning”.  Counsellor/psychotherapist.
Family Constellations training and practice is experiential and wholistic taking in the emotions, perceptions, visual, audio and spiritual aspects of being human. The training will consist of theory and experiential practice, which will also result in personal development covering Family of Origin, Present Family, Relationships and facilitation of Groups and Private sessions.

The training is facilitated by Yildiz Sethi who is an experienced facilitator, educator/trainer, therapist and Clinical supervisor, who also teaches at the Australian College of Applied Psychology.

The course may be paid by in a one off payment or by monthly payments at no extra cost to you, to help you budget your professional development for 2009.

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