Are you ready for change? In changing your self you change the way you relate to others  and the way you feel about them.


RelationshipsAncestral and family patterns can keep us locked relationships patterns and self sabotage of all kinds until we resolve it.

Do you have a relationship difficulty with a:

  • Partner
  • Ex partner
  • parent
  • child
  • sibling
  • friend
  • colleague
  • Boss

Perhaps you have considered counselling or done counselling, but you remain stick.Family Constellations is unique because you:

  • don’t have to have the person or persons of you issue with you
  • the process is quick, One session
  • you don’t have to tell all about the story
  • you can quickly discover the underlying dynamics of the solution
  • look at you best solutions
  • find your best place with it and them

Healing yourself and finding a healthy place in your system is a vital first step to personal growth. Resolving your Karma, handing back anything you are carrying for your ancestors and feeling free.

Family ConstellatThe heart of the Matter;ions is probably the most effective personal development you can do.

Family Constellations is a powerful and effective process, as it quickly locates the underlying dynamic that you are caught up in and helps you find a healthier place for positive change.

This is a revolutionary approach to resolving and harmonising human interactions, so as to improve relationships, self acceptance, self esteem and well-being. This was an approach that was given to us by its innovator Bert Hellinger. This is perfect for individual issues, personal growth, relationships, marriage, divorce and as a means of resolving blocks or sabotage patterns to relationships, success (in business and in life) and wellness. Family Constellations can be a powerful alternative or compliment to couple counselling, coaching, personal development, marriage or couples counselling.

Are you ready for change? In changing your self you change the way you relate and feel.

This often has an effecouples-2ct on the family and relationships. However sometimes others in the family refuse to change or are stuck. In these cases we must find our best place in the system can take our freedom knowing that we are only in control of ourselves.

stardust-2The book Stardust on the Spiritual Path is a trilogy which includes an in-depth view of relationships. How they work, what you can do to help your self. This is a MUST read for anyone who has a need to understand themselves, relationships and the Human Psyche.Number 1 Best seller Amazon. Details go to my sister site



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