Most people who come to Family Constellations have tried many forms of self help and personal development and professional help before coming here.

They are looking for something more powerful and effective that makes a difference.

A Family Constellations can show you the underlying dynamics that are operating and also your options- All in one session.

You can look at All Relationships

  • Partner
  • Ex partner
  • parent
  • child
  • sibling
  • friend
  • colleague
  • Boss

This is a perfect way of working with individuals or couples, or those who have difficulty in maintaining relationships or are always attracting the wrong type of partner  or for  Family and parenting or for Separation and divorce and moving on Gaining a Spiritual Divorce

Family Constellations is a unique and ideal alternative or compliment to counselling because you:

  • don’t have to have the person or persons of you issue with you
  • the process is quick, One session
  • don’t have to tell all about the story
  • can quickly discover the underlying dynamics of the solution
  • can find your best solutions

Further reading.

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Family Constellations facilitator and trainer Yildiz is a counsellor, psychotherapist and innovator and author of psychotherapy with over 17 years of experience in the field with many skills to help you in your relationship. More Details

If you would like to understand relationships better see this number 1 best seller Amazon written by Yildiz 

stardust-2Stardust on the Spiritual Path is a trilogy which includes an in-depth view of relationships. How they work, what you can do to help your self. This is a MUST read for anyone who has a need to understand themselves, relationships and the Human Psyche.. Details go to my sister site

This helps you find a better place and more inner harmony.  This often has an effect on the family and relationships. However sometimes others in the family refuse to change or are stuck. In these cases we must find our best place in the system can take our freedom knowing that we are only in control of ourselves.Are you ready for change? In changing your self you change the way you relate and feel.

Consider how much it will cost if this is not resolved?

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Spiritual Divorce



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