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RCH Rapid Core Healing is a modality that has been created by Yildiz Sethi that is a dual modality that includes Family Constellations and another modality that she has created Emotional Mind Integration EMI.

Family Constellations works with the family and ancestral system to enable people to come t peace with their system and find their best place within it as individuals while EMI works with non systemic issues that occur due  to life events and choices.

Yildiz realised that Family Constellation is not a one size fits all for all issues and so so since 2005 has developed EMI to deal with a wide range of issues and to integrate the results of a family constellation into the greater personality.

RCH is a comprehensive wholistic psychotherapy that is experiential, solution focused and person centred and relatively brief and highly cost effective for a wide range of issues.

Yildiz has written about this in her book Rapid Core Healing (2016) For details of synopsis, preview and to buy Click Here

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