Private Sessions

For Cost Effective Quality Service in working in a new Effective Paradigm of Healing and Growth

Ask yourself
How much time and money and effort have I spent so far on Coaching, Personal Development, Therapy, seminars, Motivational workshops?

  1. Have I had enough of my current situation?
  2. Am I ready for change on all levels?
  3. Do I deserve a fuller more satisfying life?
  4. Would I like to be happier?
  5. Would I like to be more confident?
  6. Would I like to achieve my goals?
  7. Am I serious enough to want to spend time in a workshop
  8. Would I prefer a private session?

At Family Constellations we prefer to be upfront about fees. We have no intention of attempting to persuade you on the phone to sign up, as we prefer for you to consider in your own time when you are ready to commit to change in this highly cost effective powerful process.

One Family Constellation can go much deeper in facilitating rapid shifts and changes for those who are ready to move on, than many months of counselling, years of coaching or motivational seminars

A Family or Business Constellation is a similar cost whether you do it in a one or two day workshop or private session.

If your answer to  questions 1-8 above is Yes then Book Now
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There are several differences. I believe the workshop experience is the most comprehensive and it is also the traditional and original way for Family Constellations to occur. The value of the collective energy of the workshop and allowing this to work in the representatives of the people in your issue, is amazing, as it shows up the energy of the people concerned. Watching the movement of the Family Constellation as the client, helps to give you another perspective and provide an opening for resolution. The Family Constellation also has the effect of working within you at the same time. In addition, being a representative yourself for other constellations and also observing constellations is a very moving experience, which in itself has lots of value and often creates shifts and changes on many different levels, as we are all connected. We are all siblings, children, lovers or spouses and possibly parents too.

You will find that we are all connected energetically. In short, there are lots of valuable points in doing a workshop.

Many people came to the workshop several times to work on a different issue each time, rather than have private sessions. For people who are wanting to make major changes and shifts in their lives, time spent attending a workshop is a very small price of time to pay. Some people do a workshop constellation and then a follow up with private session if it is required. Everyone is different.

Private sessions can also be very useful, but normally people require two or three private sessions. Some people prefer this way of working and also get great benefit from this. I have been doing private Family Constellations and Business Constellations since 2005. Private sessions are also very powerful and effective. However you are not learning from other experiences as you would in a workshop and therefore may not be getting that larger perspective in such a powerful way. Having said this, those people who have private sessions are very happy with the results. One of the advantages of private sessions is that you may receive any of my services(e.g.Hypnosis) as well as family constellation work in the sessions giving you a comprehensive and powerful brief therapy.

It might be useful for you to come to a workshop as a participant only initially, for you to experience the family constellation process and us and to see if you feel that this is right for you.

Healing from the Roots 6 week Group in Brisbane – phone 0412 172 300 and ask for details
Meeting for 6 weeks 6.30-8.30  Surya House Hamilton.
This is an ideal group for couples or family members to come together or individuals who want to work on their own issues. Each person will be able to do their own constellation within the 6 week period. Commitment for the 6 weeks is required.
This is a deeply healing and supportive program.  Ask for details

For Private Organization Constellation sessions- ask for details.

For information on Phone/Skype sessions

For enquiries or bookings phone go to Contact or phone 0412 172 300