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Case Study.
John came to a Family Constellation workshop saying that he had done a lot of personal development and coaching in the past but had not been able to to change a sabotage pattern that meant that he was not seen or recognised for his work. The Constellation shows a pattern that went back 3 generations. That was several months ago and John reports that he is being recognised and is really confident of the promised forthcoming promotion.

Susan reported a tragic series of relationships and a wish to be in a loving permanent relationship. Her constellation revealed a serious exclusion of her grandmother by her grandfather when she in died in the childbirth of her 8th child. The grandfather remarried quickly and left all of his children in the care of the older children and the death of the grandmother and baby was never formally acknowledged. The constellation showed the connections and entanglements that resulted from the past through to the present to Susan.The constellation showed Susan very connected to her grandmother. By the end of the process she was able to look back at her grandmother and grandfather and move on in her life. Susan is now in a new relationship and pleased that she has made a very different choice of partner this time.

I am offering Family Constellation workshops in Brisbane and Sydney for those who which to

  • Improve relationships. Suitable for couples, marriage, moving on from separation and divorce, blended families, parenting.
  • Resolving abuse issues including sexual abuse and violence.
  • Personal growth and spiritual growth.
  • Resolving blocks to success.

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Family Constellation training with Yildiz.
This is a unique Family Constellation Training offered in two formats. 3 separate modules or a 9 day intensive.
Both of these trainings can only take place if those who are interested express their interest early.
This is unique and comprehensive training because this is 3 modules, Family of Origin, Present family and private sessions all in one complete training.
As our family system is pivotal in how we relate in the present, this course will greatly enhance your skills as a therapist in providing you with skills and a compassionate approach to helping people move on effectively.

The training is largely experiential and involves significant personal and professional development in one package. Each person is able to have their own constellations done as part of the training. This becomes useful experiential learning and also a way of resolving entanglements and ‘blind spots’ in the participants of the training which is invaluable in the therapeutic setting.

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Yildiz is the author of three books of which 2 are number One best sellers Amazon. The books are available from Amazon or

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