Problems with Our Parents

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Healing families relationships from the roots. Our relationship to our parents forms the blue print of how we relate in love, parenting, work. It is never too late to resolve and clear these relationships in order to allow you to be free and happier in the present.

We don’t choose our family do we? Some people would say that we do at a spiritual level. Regardless of what we believe, our parents are our parents. We cannot change who we are born to.

What if our family is impossibly dysfunctional? We can choose to suffer it or cut ourselves off, or accept it fully. Research has shown that cutting ourselves off, or just suffering, does not promote health, personal growth or present day love relationships.

How are you coping with your family?

Are you always wishing that things were different? Saying “what if?” Criticizing yourself or others?

Would you like to:

  • relieve an anxiety symptom or resolve the cause of an issue?
  • be able to communicate with family members, more easily?
  • feel more comfortable with your self?

Benefits of doing a family constellation of your birth family:

      1. Connecting you more healthily to your roots.
      2. Healing family and relationship issues.
      3. Healing emotional or psychosomatic conditions.
      4. Helping you to feel better about yourself.

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Are you having some problems with your children? Perhaps having problems with:
  • Discipline
  • Communication
  • Lack of connection
  • Perhaps your child has low self esteem

Generally we don’t do family constellations with young children. Any of the above problems may be addressed with counselling or professional parenting help.

However a constellation of your situation will help to highlight the dynamics that you and your children are caught up in and provide a possible resolution.

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Problems With Our Parents

Excerpt from “Love’s Hidden Symmetry” by Gunthard Weber & Hunter Beaumont

Instead of taking their parents as they are, children sometimes presume to evaluate them as if parents had to earn the right to be parents. They say, in effect, “I don’t like this about you, so you’re not my father.” Or, “You didn’t give me what I needed, so you can’t be my mother.” This is an absurd distortion of reality. Parents enter parenthood through the events of conception and birth, and these acts alone make them the child’s parents. Children are absolutely powerless to change anything about this first giving and taking.

Children experience inner solidity and a clear sense of identity when they find resolution with their parents, when they take both parents and acknowledge them as they are. They feel incomplete and empty when they exclude one or both of their parents from their hearts. The consequence of demeaning or excluding a parent is always the same – children become passive and feel empty. This is a common cause of depression.

Children, even when they’ve been hurt by their parents, can still say: “Yes, you are my parents. Everything that was in you is in me too. I acknowledge that you are my parents, and I accept the consequences that has for me. I take the good from what you gave, and I trust you to deal with your fate as you see fit.” Then they are free to set about the often difficult work of making the best out of what may be a very bad situation.