Family Strife

Are You Caught in the Web of Family Strife ?

Family Constellations is a revolutionary alternative to counselling that is changing lives and healing relationships.

Marriage counselling is also available with us.

Clear family baggage for yourself and your family, so that the “buck” is not and Kim
passed onto your children.

Allow more success in your next relationship.

Transform the quality of your life. Be able to give and receive love
in your love and family relationships and live a fuller life.

For many of us who grow up in difficult family situations, the first thing we do is to get away as quickly, or as far away from them as possible and then breathe a sigh of relief at having grabbed our independence.

However, down the track we often find to our horror that we become more and more like our parents, or recreate a similar pattern.

We may find our own children run away from us as soon as they can, or we suffer depression, an anxiety symptom, emotional abuse or some other emotional disturbance, or keep getting into difficult relationships.

In running away we haven’t solved the problem, we have just turned our back on it, only to come out unconsciously in our choices and behaviours.

Some other ways that these issues come back to haunt us, is in our choice of partners, or the way we sabotage our business or career.

What to do about it? Many turn to workaholism, counselling, coaching, valium or spirituality, thinking these can heal our wounds. All of these can help, but often don’t get to the root of it, or resolve it fully.

Now you can do something about it for your self through Family Constellations, so that you can find some inner peace and a healthier connection to your roots, that allows you more freedom and vitality.

What is it that ties us so strongly to our family tree? Often our situation is not completely ours individually. It is often part of the family dynamic and may have been passed down to us from previous generations. A constellation will often show your issue in a very different light from the way you see, feel, or experience it.

One session of Family Constellations is more powerful than a life time of therapy. Resolve an issue in one session. What is different about Family Constellations? Generally, one session, one issue. Time and cost efficient. You are the only one that needs to attend, (you don’t need to have the people of your issue present.) You can choose from a workshop or individual/private session.

How can this benefit you? This is used for:

  • Resolving family and relationship issues – family, marriage, parent-child, adoption, divorced or divorcing families or couples, adoption,
  • Clearing any issues from previous relationships,
  • To free you for present or future ones,
  • Suitable for emotional or psychosomatic conditions,
  • Suitable for emotional or psychosomatic conditions,

Testimonials from people who have attended workshops or private sessions in 2005:

“Thank you Satish and Yildiz for a truly marvellous, unique and cathartic experience. With your help and sensitive guidance, I have been able to change a family pattern of depression and anxiety. My wonderful family will all benefit and most importantly my children. Thank you for your care, kindness and understanding.” XP.

“My Family Constellations experience was truly life-changing. I was so surprised that such a gentle technique could create such wonderful changes throughout my thoughts and feelings. Amazingly, I am also experiencing the healing of a disease I have been suffering from for several years. All the symptoms are disappearing, and I have completely stopped taking anti-inflammatory medication. I have become very enthusiastic about getting out more, and living a full, pain-free life!” Steve.

“Maybe I need a skywriter to write a big enough thank you! Amazing that in a few hours of fun group activity with you, I seem to have effortlessly untangled and unglued myself from limiting family and relationship dynamics. Now I am enjoying natural fresh clarity, experiencing what I truly desire………. and it’s so simple and the benefits are just happening. True heartfelt thank you” N.D.

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