Healthy Emotions

Healthy Emotions
It is natural and normal to experience each of our emotions in certain situation. Anger is fine to remind you to appropriately assert yourself and to subside relatively easily soon after. Sadness is fine to feel in an appropriate situation if it eases after appropriate expression and some time. Fear and anxiety is fine if it alerts you to a need to look out for yourself and subsides again once you are safe. Our emotions are necessary to help us feel and express ourselves as human beings.

Unhealthy Emotions
Emotions only become a problem if they are frozen in a traumatic event, related to ‘unfinished business’ or are carried for someone else. Then they become a burden.

Perhaps you have already tried counselling and are still suffering with an emotional issue. From a constellation perspective you may be involved in an entanglement with one or more family members on an emotional or energetic level, which is why it may not be purely an internal problem for you personally. Family Constellations can help to resolve entanglements. Leaving you free to make the most of your life now.

We specialise in the safe speedy release of the toxic emotions that may be holding you back, such as anger, sadness, guilt or any other. We have found our methodology and practice much more effective than punching pillows, or other modern release techiniques, such as EFT, EMDR and many more.

At Systemic Constellations we go to the root of the issue and resolve it there, so that the management of such emotions is no longer neceassary and you can return to health.

Giving and taking
The balance of giving and taking is crucial in all relationships according to family constellations. If this is taking place in the right way and in the approximately right measures, then love can flow easily through family systems and harmony and health can thrive for all of its members. Family Constellations seeks to find the flow of energy and put back the Natural orders of love that exist at a primal level. This natural order of love between family members can be disrupted by any exclusions in the family due to tragedies and shame, guilt, war, early deaths , miscarriages, abortions and many other situations. Family Constellations seeks to restore the Orders of Love and dissolve entanglements, encouraging each generation or member of the system to take full responsibility for itself, thereby leaving all other members free to make the most of their lives.
Family constellations shows you how to transform “blind love” into “enlightened love”.

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