Weight loss though Family Constellations

“I am now 75 and until four years ago I struggled with excessive weight all my life. I was always on a diet; I would lose weight then put it on again. Fortunately I found a health program that changed my life. I took off weight and kept it off – quite an achievement. But I realized that there is more to the process of weight gain than food and exercise (or the lack of it).

I have been a Counsellor most of my adult life and over the years I had used various methods to explore some of the underlying issues contributing to my weight gain. These might be described as psychological or emotional. I had identified various factors involved. But having found a health program that worked for me, I wanted to see if there was any other issue that I had not yet discovered. Would there be any other unconscious element sabotaging my weight loss?

At that point I decided to participate in a Family Constellation Workshop focusing on my life long issue of weight gain.   After a few introductory comments, I found myself exploring an aspect of my family history. My mother had been born of a single mother in 1920, left in an orphanage for five years then fostered. My mother carried guilt about her origins all her life. Then my mother became pregnant with me before she married my father. Both my parents felt guilty about having sex before marriage – they were devout Catholics. Society’s attitudes and church teachings had compounded the guilt my parents and grandmother carried. The constellation revealed to me that a significant contributing factor in my weight gain was carrying the burden of shame. I carried the shame of my own conception, my mother’s shame at her conception and birth, and her mother’s shame as a single mother.  

That workshop was a few years ago and I am pleased to say that I have taken off 41 kilograms and maintained that loss up till now. All pain in my body has gone, I have lots of energy and at 75, feel like I am 50.   I believe that the constellation work was a great support in that process.” Pat Quin Toowoomba

Family Constellations healing chronic health issues

Healing through Family Constellations

I attended a constellation due to my chronic illness. 

What I witnessed throughout the constellation was how the energy field created by the facilitator and representatives was pure energetic deliverance of truth.  

On a conscious level, I would never have realized what my subconscious thoughts and feelings were which manifested my illness.  

What was revealed in the constellation allowed me to release myself from feelings of guilt, anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, depression, frustration and shift my feelings to be able to understand and accept “what is” and have compassion for myself and those family members who were a part of the constellation.” Kerrry Drake Brisbane

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“After exploring issues with my adult daughter through family constellations, I was very happy to notice that the distance and conflict between us just seemed to evaporate.  It was all connected with a long history of grief in successive generations of my mother’s family.  After that very positive experience, I returned to do a constellation about the plantar wart on the ball of my left foot.  it had been troubling me for 25 years, ever since I became pregnant with my daughter, and had more recently spawned some other smaller ones in the same area.  I had treated it with everything imaginable with no success.  Eventually, when it became more, I resorted to having them burnt off about 12 times but they always grew back.  My doctor then cut them out under a local anaesthetic, but once again they grew back.  They disappeared within weeks of my constellation, and my gratitude knew no bounds.  I have found Yildiz to be an extremely skilled and insightful facilitator with great integrity, and have always felt in very safe hands during my constellations”. Penny


“I attended a workshop in Sydney to resolve my pattern of attracting poor relationships into my life. In setting up my family of origin the pattern was apparent in my family system.

The movement of the constellation was very moving in giving me new perspectives and allowing me to

connect with my family in a new and more respectful way. Until this time I’d had a very difficult
relationship with my mother. Since then I am very hopeful of choosing a more appropriate partner,
as I feel so much more confident and my relationship with Mum is so much better.” David 45

” I attended a Brisbane workshop to help me with the parenting of my daughter. The constellation showed
the dynamics between my daughter, her step father, myself and her biological father revealing the pain
and confusion she was feeling after the divorce. The Constellation heaped me resolve my frustration and
anger towards my first husband and feel so much more at peace with my decision to separate. Since then
there is so much more harmony in our home. Thank you so much. This has been invaluable.” Julie 38


Thankyou for your sensitive workshop. I was impressed with the process and how you handled everyone with care, love and consideration.Wonderful!” David“Would like to let you know that I have become engaged and am very happy,
this I am sure has come about from the clearing away of the past and going through the workshops I did with yourself and Satish.” Melinda


I found the workshop life changing, I have been clearing issues for some time now and believe Family Constellations helped to release unhealthy family dynamics, limitations and blocks. I’m very keen to see how my life will change and if I’ll find it easier to be in a romantic relationship!” RD 28 year old male.


I attended a Family Constellations workshop held recently in Bondi Junction. I had my constellation done first as I was a little nervous. It was amazing the intensity which was generated during the session. I felt like a lot of deep seated things were being shifted and was therefore fairly emotional. Afterwards I felt a lot lighter and participated in several other peoples constellations which was rewarding in it self. Since that session it seems many things have changed and I have had other family members contact me with changed attitudes which I believe is a direct result of constellations. I strongly recommend anyone who is struggling with a difficult personal situation to have their constellation done. It is relatively little time and money to exchange for huge potential rewards.” Anthony


Love truly is the basis of this wonderful process which I observed, and in which I participated, at a recent Family Constellations workshop. It was an intense experience and, although I did not do my own constellation, it was a revelation watching, and being part of, the constellations of others. Having done much inner work on me and myself over the years I had come to think that there could be nothing more to know about me or my family. Now I have to think again, and cannot wait to do my own constellation. What has really given me food for thought was not only the process itself and the skill of facilitator but also the insights and understanding experienced by those who did undertake a family constellation. Yet, it was even more than that. It was as if, as a proper family order was realised, freedom was the natural outcome.” Julie who came as a participant


My Family Constellations experience was truly life-changing. I was so surprised that such a gentle technique could create such wonderful changes throughout my thoughts and feelings. Amazingly, I am also experiencing the healing of a disease I have been suffering from for several years. All the symptoms are disappearing, and I have completely stopped taking anti-inflammatory medication. I have become very enthusiastic about getting out more, and living a full, pain-free life!” Steve


Maybe I need a skywriter to write a big enough THANK YOU! Amazing that in a few hours of fun group activity with you, I seem to have effortlessly untangled and unglued myself from limiting family and relationship dynamics. Now I am enjoying natural fresh clarity, experiencing what I truly desire………. and it’s so simple and the benefits are just happening. True heartfelt THANK YOU” N.D.


Thankyou Satish and Yildiz for a truly marvellous, unique and cathartic experience. With your help and sensitive guidance, I have been able to change a family pattern of depression and anxiety. My wonderful family will all benefit and most importantly my children. Thankyou for your care, kindness and understanding.” XP


Thank you for the session today. I took your advice and took it easy after the session.
It was as if the effects of the session were going thru my system like the waves that are caused when throwing a rock into a still pond…wave after wave until it is quiet again. I knew Family Constellation is powerful work , however it went deeper than I initially would have assumed. It has opened many new perspectives never seen before and allowed me to see some family members & dynamics in a very different light….it is a great deal clearer & feels so much lighter!!! I have no hesitance to recommend your work.” S


Thanks for Satish, and thanks for the workshop. I got a lot of value and would be happy to recommend your work.” ES

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