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What is Family Constellations?

In the Family Constellation approach an individual is viewed both as an individual and also an integral part of their family system simultaneously. The process provides new perspectives from which new choices may be made, leading to significant changes in life experiences for those who are ready for growth. Many people who have tried many other approach’s to resolve an issue, find the changes they have sought, through Family Constellations.

Family Constellations is a systemic approach that is experiential, solution-focused and brief in nature that may be an alternative or compliment to traditional personal development, coaching or counselling approach’s. Read more on Family Constellations explained.


No. The efects of the constellation often ripple out to them even though they didn’t attend or don’t know what you have done.

Doing your own constellation means you can look at a relationship or issue in the workshop. Being a participant is a good way of experiencing the power of the process and the group as an observer or being part of someone else’s constellations.

Yes they can come as an observer or participant.

If they are relevant, we bring them, in the form of a representative, in to the constellation.

Yes, it will help with verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and give emotional abuse help.

Family Constellations is not like counselling, it looks at the underlying core issue or dynamics or entanglements. This is all that is required to give your soul a nudge to make any changes that need to be made.This therapy is dealing at a diferent level to other counselling methods.

There are several differences. I believe the workshop experience is the most comprehensive and it is also the traditional and original way for constellations to occur. The value of the collective energy of the workshop and allowing this to work in the representatives of the people in your issue, is amazing, as it shows up the energy of the people concerned. Watching the movement of the constellation as the client, helps to give you another perspective and provide an opening for resolution. The constellation also has the effect of working within you at the same time. In addition, being a representative yourself for other constellations and also observing constellations is a very moving experience, which in itself has lots of value and often creates shifts and changes on many different levels, as we are all connected. We are all siblings, children,lovers or spouses and possibly parents too.

You will find that we are all connected energetically. In short, there are lots of valuable points in doing a workshop for two days.

Many people came to the workshop several times last year to work on a different issue each time, rather than have private sessions. For people who are wanting to make major changes and shifts in their lives, two days is a very small price of time to pay. Some people do a workshop constellation and then a follow up with private session if it is required. Everyone is different.

Private sessions can also be very useful, but normally you would need two or three private sessions. Some people prefer this way of working and also get great benefit from this. I am very experienced in private sessions and my clients do find them very powerful also. However you are not learning from other experiences and therefore may not be getting that larger perspective in such a powerful way. Having said this, those people who have private sessions are very happy with the results.

It might be useful for you to come to a workshop as a participant only initially, for you to experience the process and us and to see if you feel that this is right for you.

Professional mental health professionals are divided on this. Many have been flocking to Bert Hellinger to learn about this new process and are putting it into action in many institutions. Others who find it hard to understand or believe what they see, hear or experience are not using it. Family Constellations is relatively new, about 30 years old and is growing at a phenomenal rate in Europe, USA, South America and Asia through its use by mental health professionals and others.

No one is sure. However most of us don’t know how emails and many other processes work but that doesn’t stop us from using them.

Yes. Yildiz is a clinical counsellor and also a qualified Family Constellations practitioner. Satish is a Reiki Master and also a Family Constellations practitioner. We did our training in India and in Spain by Hellinger trained facilitators and are continuing with training in 2006 in Munich and in Australia.
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Yes, if they are caused by family dynamics.

It can certainly release you from the entanglements that may be causing this condition.

No. This process is about uncovering love and reconnecting and healing relationships. This is nothing to worry about. We are all connected anyway.

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