DNAEpigenetics is a relatively new science that has been revolutionising the study of genetics. It has shown that while we inherit physical characteristics and traits through DNA, we also inherit behaviour, emotional and social patterns or disruptions such as trauma, through the subtle connections between one generation to the next in family systems. Scientific studies are finding that these factors have much more power than we thought in switching genes on or off. The psycho-social effects of epigenetic have been found to be powerful in controlling the genes (DNA) in human beings. More studies.This means that in resolving systemic, ancestral family entanglements and personal relationship issues, it can have a very positive effect on mental and physical wellbeing for ourselves and our children. Epigenetic.

Epigenetic, neuroscience and psychotherapy and the place that Family Constellations and Rapid Core healing play in cutting edge effective approaches is explored in my book Rapid Core Healing Read the synopsis and Preview or Buy.

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