Family Constellations Training

International Family Constellations Training Australia

International Systemic Family Constellations training is taking place on 3-11 January Wynnum Brisbane Qld 4178.

This is a full Intensive training that involves both personal and professional development.

At Family Constellations Pty Ltd we believe that we can only be effective facilitators if we also do our own personal work.

The nine day training includes Family of origin, present family and how to do private sessions and groups.

The training is primarily experiential.

I am offering for a few more days only a discount of $500 for those who are travelling interstate for the course to help with costs for the places I have left.

This course is suitable for people who help people.

If you a therapist it may be used as professional development.

If you are not registered as a therapist you may join IICT on completion of the course to purchase insurance for yoru practice.

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Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions Yildiz Sethi 0412 172 300

Disconnection, Peace of Mind

and Family Constellations


I have a dream of being born into a loving and nurturing family. Having parents who are wise, loving and caring and know how to provide a healthy environment. This includes good boundaries and a good balance between exploration and safety. Parents who come from generations of fulfilled and open hearted people with high emotional sensitivity and intelligence. In such a place there are life-long connections and room to grow and explore individuality and potential.

This is a child’s dream. Reality is not like that for most of us.

We are autonomous, independent, free spirits navigating and pursuing our dreams and creating our reality; seeking to fulfil our potential and make meaning of our lives. Yet more of us are unhappy, lonely, depressed and anxious in a society endowed with affluence, sophistication, choice and comfort. More of our children are suffering learning and social difficulties and have addictions.

We are connected and yet so disconnected. Connected in social media, in seeking membership of fashionable, social groups and scenes and yet alienated in reality. Growing numbers of people have poor connections with family, home and culture. Are out of step with nature and the land and with little sense of belonging.

What has gone wrong?

We are so busy, distracted and caught up in our mind, that friendships become loose and transient. A large proportion of families are nuclear in having little connection or support from extended family. Many have lost the art of communication, sharing and nurturing.

It is common to see a family group with individually members consuming their own version of cyberspace through phones, tablets, constantly streaming media and social media while sitting in a coffee bar together. Unaware of the presence of each other, the people they most love. Their distraction with each other as they consume other realities and illusions resulting in a lack of communication, This often forms a state where avoiding eye contact becomes the norm. So much so, the thought of such intimacy (into me you see) becomes anxiety provoking, due of its lack of familiarity.

No wonder more people are feeling lonely, depressed and anxious.

What does this do to children?

What are we teaching them?

In my thirst for adventure and independence I moved from a close-knit family in England to Australia. So caught up in the impulse and adventure that I didn’t notice my own deeply held connections withering on the vine. My children losing their sense of belonging to a bigger collective. Losing contact with the sea of familiar faces, smells, sounds and culture that was part of their heritage. Later, becoming angry at their sense of isolation. There was a cost.

Isolation can come in many shapes and sizes

There is a need to come back to reality. Acknowledge that we are a product of our family, culture, nature and the earth. They nourish and sustain us..

We must not forget we are individuals and also collective beings. Human beings who are built to perceive ourselves through our relational bonds. There is a need to acknowledge and accept both sides of our humanity.

In essence we remain tribal, hence our impulse to congregate in cyberspace.

It was Family Constellations that bought me back to myself, my connections and my roots. Helped me to reconnect with myself in a healthier manner, so I could receive the connections and nurturing to feed my soul.

Yes there is still a physical distance with my people in England and my children are having to deal with their own disconnection as adults, but the Family Constellation process brings us back to our roots in a tangible way, if we let it; regardless of the cause of the disconnection. My people are all close to my heart even though I don’t see them so often.

Whether disconnection has developed through cyberspace culture, trauma, emotional or relational dysfunction or emigration, the Family Constellation process is perfect for reconnecting to ourselves and our roots for more health and wellbeing.

We all do the best we can with what we have and know for the most part. If we are emotionally mature we carry the responsibility for our actions and their consequences.

Sitting in a Family Constellation circle in a safe and confidential group for the purpose of sharing and healing provides a connection and healing in itself. It brings back faith in each person’s ability to give and receive and most of all connect in a more meaningful way. It taps into an ancient tribal memory of belonging.

Beyond that, other issues of relationship, entanglement, loyalties and systemic dysfunction are addressed and resolved in a deep and respectful manner for all concerned. This allows more freedom and autonomy in all aspects of life. This includes relationships, success, wellness and peace of mind and most of all happiness.

I visualise a world where people take up the challenge of restoring their connection to family, friends, society, culture and history. Respect our environment and the sacredness of our air, water and land. See the divine in each of us regardless of the colour of our skin or the culture and religion we are born into. The process of Family Constellations and methodologies like Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration are commonplace and used regularly to restore and maintain harmony and health.

International Family Constellation training is starting in Brisbane 2-10 January 2017.

Details of training and workshops in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Australia Rapid Core Healing training

These ideas are presented in my book Rapid Core Healing for Growth and Emotional Healing (2016)


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Here is who I am and this is how you may engage in what I

have to offer

ÓYildiz Sethi

New door, New Openning

Case studiesA Family Constellation

A man came to a workshop saying that he found it hard to stay in relationships. On setting up his constellation it was clear that he was deeply entangled in his family dynamics. Deeply involved although resentful of Mum and disapproving of Dad. He was also very linked to a generational pattern relating to his family of origin. The constellation was able to highlight eh dynamics he was caught up in very quickly. Assist him in finding a healthier place with his parents and so free him up so that he could stand in the present generation with no guilt or sense of over responsibility. He is now free to find a partner.

Business Constellation

A woman came to a workshop saying that she was sabotaging her career. She felt guilty over her good luck in finding her position in her company, but constantly felt guilty and not good enough even though she was a leader in her field. She kept messing her interviews for a promotion and wandered what was in the way. Her constellation showed the dynamic she was caught up in with the women of her family and her father.
She was able to go through her last interview with great success and is now in a new role.

Family Constellations is brief, solution focused, experiential, powerful and effective. Ideal for those who’re ready for change. As a counsellor and psychotherapist there is no other modality that can reach the depth of insight and resolution as this modality so quickly, deeply and sensitively. This is why it is my preferred way to work.

Be quick to get the Early Bird price for Brisbane or Sydney to sort out something for yourself NOW.
There is no time like the beginning of the year to resolve a relationship issue, move on from a separation, resolve block to success

 Interestingly you don’t have to bring the people of your issue with you.More information

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Yildiz Sethi. More Details 

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See the article Family Constellations – A Fresh Approach to Psychotherapy.

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For more details about the trainer see

Training going ahead

The training is going ahead and we still have spaces for those who wish to join us in this 9 day unique intensive in Brisbane. This is a great opportunity for those who come interstate, as it is is only one set of flights.
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Learn how to RESOLVE rather than MANAGE emotional and relationship issues for your clients in groups and private sessions.

These are only a few of the comments of this training

“This was truly a great training in so many respects. It has really clarified and refined my approach to helping people and I was able to take it straight into my practice. The opportunity to do my own constellations was invaluable in giving me more confidence in myself in all aspects of my life. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fresh approach.” Greg

“This course changed me through my constellations and so changed the way I approach counselling and psychotherapy. The teaching style being experiential was really great in that it was so easy to grasp often difficult concepts and I really appreciated Yildiz’s teaching style”. Anne

“What an amazing experience, so rich with knowledge and insight and such a grounded way to approach helping people at a fundamental level. A great course. What a fun way to learn!” Jan

“I now have a logical and structured was to deal with relationships of all sorts, abuse and personal issues al in one course. What a gift. Thank you”. Steve

See article  How to Resolve rather than Manage Relationship and Emotional issues and much more

Family Constellation Training Brisbane

generations smallFor those of you that have experienced the power of the Family Constellation process in doing your own constellation or being a representative, you know the value of the process.

It is a healing and often a life changing process.

If you would like to help others in a powerful and respectful way in improving their life experience then this is a great opportunity for you to become a facilitator. 

A facilitator of Family Constellations is a facilitator of change. Doesn’t the world need this now?

For myself it is the most rewarding work I believe I could do. I am highly blessed in coming across Family Constellations with Svagito Leibermeister 2005 and later with Bert Hellinger himself in an Austrian training. I have been fortunate in meeting and receiving training from many world Family Constellation trainers and am happy to share this with you in Australia.

I have been holding Family Constellations workshops regularly (monthly since 2005. I started in Sydney and now hold workshops in Sydney and Brisbane.

Benefits of doing the training with us at Family Constellations P/L.

Benefits to you training with us:

  • A complete psychotherapeutic training in 13 days. 9 days of experiential training, with notes, teaching time and practice.
  • Experiential. There are many things that are best learned by experience, especially matters of the heart or soul. The training is designed with this in mind.
  • Practical. You will learn how to set up and proceed through the constellation process.
  • You will receive training of how to run Groups and private sessions in 3 formats.
  • Solution focused. You will be trained to facilitate the client or the system in allowing their best solution to arise through the process.
  • You will be encouraged to find ways in which you can use the philosophy and practice in your work.
  • Family Constellations is a brief therapeutic approach that can stand alone or be part of a therapeutic process.
  • Family Constellations is effective with a wide range of issues.
  • Personal Development. The course provides a great deal of personal development in that you will be encouraged to do your own constellations.
  • Yildiz is a highly experienced facilitator and trainer and a counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist and has been an educator at ACAP the Australian College of Applied Psychology for 10 years in Brisbane and Sydney.
  • You will learn to be a facilitator of workshops and private sessions in one course.
  • You will be able to join the growing numbers of Family Constellation therapists on.
  • You can use it straight away after the training.
  • See the wide range of issues it can be used for
    Issues  Business
  • More details on the training 
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