Benefits of doing Family of Business Constellations

Family Constellations FAQs

  1. Most people resolve their issue in just one or a few sessions. It is quick and very cost effective.
  2. You don’t need the other person(s) in your issue to be present.
  3. We don’t need to know what happened in your issue – just some bare facts.
  4. The resolution often (but not always) appears to ripple out and effects the other people in your issue, even though they didn’t attend.
  5. It is a gentle, sensitive, effective process.
  6. It is an alternative method to traditional counselling or coaching, although it can be used in combination with counselling or coaching.

How you do relationships how worthy you feel and how you achieve yoru potential in life.
Relationships are perhaps the most important aspect of human experience as we are both individual and relational in nature. We need time alone and also have an innate need to belong as we have evolved from tribes and extended families. A healthy sense of belonging provides us with warmth and contentment and peace of mind. This forms the inner blue print of how you operate in life.

The benefit of doing Family Constellations is that it is a brief effective way of making inner change so that external change can take place. Changing the inner blue print from insecure, unloved, disconnected, traumatized, burdened, entangled, feeling over responsible or irresponsible to that of feeling secure, loved, connected, calm, lighter, free and having a good set of personal boundaries can only have a positive effect on all aspects of your life.

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