Advanced Training

Year 2 Deepening Family Constellations Advanced Training involves 3 components.

Completion of Part 1 Basic is a pre requisite for entry onto Part 2 Deepening .

You may choose to continue onto year 2 Deepening Family Constellations or do specific modules of year 2 according to your needs.

A Professional Development certificate is issued for each module completed and a Completion of Year 2 Deepening Family Constellations Certificate is issued for completion of all modules in year 2.

Course Description Cost
Module 1 Year 2 Deepening 13 days (repeat Year 1) $800
Module 2 Year 2 Business Constellations 3 days $750/ EB $700
Module 3 Year 2 Welleness Constellations 3 days $750/ EB $700

The repeat of part 1 allows the student to view the the constellation theory and practice at varying levels of awareness and develop a more mature level of understanding and fine tune the skills involved. This is because part 1 often becomes a very deep personal and professional learning curve, where many subtleties and dynamics are often missed by the student the first time round.

  1. Repeat Part 1 (13 days) Deepening Family Constellations Level 2
  2. Details of advanced Wellness and Dis-ease training courses (3 days)
  3. Details of advanced Business training courses (3 days)

For those who have not done part 1 with us

If you have done a minimum of 8 days training (with ONE ONLY reputable trainer), then you may do one or both of the advanced Training workshops Module 5 Wellness and Dis-Ease, Module 6 Business Constellations.

Please contact us to discuss if this is an appropriate course for you. Contact

See the Complete 2 year Family Constellation Course Outline

204 hours professional development in all.

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