Family Constellations Advanced Business Training Explained

Advanced Training on
Business and Organizational Constellations Explained.

Resolving personal and business blocks to success and abundance.

We are all part of human systems. Human family systems and business and organizational systems. With the process of Business Constellations and body sensing the dynamics of underlying situation may be revealed showing new perspectives and possibilities. This shows what messages we may be conveying to others, management, colleagues, customers.

Teaching Style

This is an experiential where the teaching is demonstrated in the real situations in Constellation work. Reading material is recommended to enhance the learning and course notes are provided. Dynamics, entanglements and loyalties and how to conduct private sessions and groups.

Course Content

  • Systemic order.
  • Entanglements.
  • Loyalties.
  • Where resolutions may be found.
  • Methods of resolution.
  • Business constellations in groups.
  • Private sessions.

Complete course outline

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