Advance Family Constellations if you have trained elsewhere


What if you have already done some Family Constellation training?


As a Family Constellation facilitator, trainer and supervisor I have a duty of care to those in the public who seek help from my Family Constellation trainees. Therefore it is important for me to discover if you have been taught similar information and had similar experiences to the course we run if I am to take you on as a trainee for part 2 Deepening Family Constellations.

If you feel you have done Family Constellations basic training and would like to join part 2 Deepening with us we are open to that. We need to be assured of what you have done, with whom and the quality of the training. You need to have done at least 8 days training with one Family Constellations reputable trainer and be able to send a course outline and proof of attendance.

You need to have an understanding of the causes of human suffering and how the Family Constellation process may be of assistance. Most of all I need to be assured of safe practice of my trainees with clients.

We also require you take part in a verbal and practical exercise to check that you have a good grasp of basic principles and how to use constellations with individuals issues. This is included in part 1.

This is not a test. Rather it is an exploration of your understanding of dynamics, how they impact individuals and how the constellation process may be used to create better dynamics, order and wellbeing.

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