Yildiz Sethi

Yildiz is a Brief therapist who has developed a unique dual approach called Rapid Core Healing which is a combination of Emotional Mind Integration and Family Constellation to help people to free their mind and fulfil their potential. She has run a busy private practice from 2000 starting in Sydney and now in Brisbane Australia.

She was a lecturer at the Australian College of Applied Psychology in Sydney and Brisbane for eight years.

Yildiz was born in England, starting her career as a medical laboratory technician and later becoming a physics/chemistry teacher which she enjoyed for many years. There was a major turn in her career whenshe discovered Vedic astrology at a sensitive point in her life. This so fascinated and inspired her, that within a short time, she became a Vedic Astrologer. She became aware of the value of astrological psychology and karmic patterns in understanding yourself as a first step in awareness and personal growth. This led to an interest in releasing patterns and blocks in herself and later facilitating others, helping them towards more freedom and personal power. This resulted in research and further studies to find the latest effective, cutting edge methods involving Mind Body Soul perspectives for deep healing and transformation.

She is a Registered Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and Systemic Constellations practitioner and the innovator of Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration. She is also an author. She is very grateful to have received trainings and teachings from many different sources starting with Svagito Liebermeister and Vedanta Suravi in India and Spain and at the Bert Hellinger Institute in Munich, Germany with many well known international teachers such as Albercht Mahr, Ursula Franke, Jakob Scheider, Berthold Ulsamer. She also took part in Bert Hellinger’s first training at his new school in 2007 in Austria. Yildiz attended the IAG intensive in 2006 and is am member of ISCA (International Systemic Constellations Associations).

Yildiz has attended several ISCA intensives Germany.Yildiz is available for private sessions in her private practice and holds regular Family Constellations workshops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and Family Constellation training.

Yildiz has been running training in Family Constellations since 2008.


Master Applied Social Science (Counselling),
B.Ed. Graduate Diploma Counselling.
Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy. Certificate
Ego State Therapy. NLP. NRT. Timeline Therapy.


Innovator of rapid Core healing and Emotional Mind Integration
Systemic Family Constellations practitioner and trainer.
Educator Australian College of Applied Psychology.
Psychotherapist, Clinical Registered accredited Supervisor for Counselling and Hypnotherapy.
Author. Presenter.

Certificate 4 workplace Training

Family Constellations training:

Svagito Leibermeister (India 2005, Spain 2005), 
IAG (Munich Germany 2006), 
Albret Mahr, 
Ursula Franke, Jakob Schneider, 
Francesca Mason Boring, 
Bert Hellinger Sciencia (Pichle Austria) 2007, 
ISCA Intensive (Munich Germany 2006 2010, 2012). ISCA Intensive. ISCA Intensive Australia (2013) as a participant and presenter.

Professional memberships ACA, AHA, ISCA Germany and member of International Systemic Constellations Association (ISCA).

Yildiz is the Author of 3 books

Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing:
Using the unique dual approach of
Family Constellations and
Emotional Mind Integration:For personal and systemic health.(2016) More details

Stardust on the Spiritual Path (2nd edition 2014) More details
Be Rich and Spiritual (2014) More Details

For more information of Yildiz go to the Amazon author page

About the Business
The business was started in 2000 as a counselling and Vedic astrology private practice in Sydney. Yildiz ran an active astrology consultation and teaching business and also counselling in a range of emotional and relational issues. In 2004 services grew to include Clinical hypnotherapy and NLP where changing patterns was a theme that became incorporated in the business. In 2005 Yildiz did extensive training in Systemic Family Constellations and the business expanded into personal development seminars and monthly workshops. From 2008 to the present time Yildiz has been conducting Family Constellation training on an annual basis.

Speaker. Presenter at each of the following conferences or professional development events.

Theosophical society Sydney 2002
SFA Sydney Federation of astrologers 2002
SFA Sydney Federation of astrologers 2004
QFA Queensland Federation of astrologers 2008
Theosophical society Sydney 2004
WBN Wholistic Business Network Sydney 2005
Theosophical society Brisbane 2008
WBN Wholistic Business Network Sydney 2008
ACA Australian Counsellors Association conference Brisbane 2008
AHA Australian Hypnotherapists Association personal development Brisbane 2008
QFA Queensland Federation of astrologers 2008
ACAP Australian College of Applied Psychology conference Brisbane 2010
AIK Australian Institute of Kinesiology -Kinesiology Conference Sydney 2012
PACFA Pyschotherapists @ Counsellors Federation of Australia conference Melbourne 2012
ACAP Australian College of Applied Psychology conference Brisbane 2012
AHA Australian Hypnotherapists Association personal development Sydney 2012
AHA Australian Hypnotherapists Association personal development Adelaide 2012
Theosophical society Brisbane 2013
Wise Womens group (now Womenspeak) 2013
ACA Australian Counsellors Association conference Gold-Coast 2013
ASCI Australian Systemic Constellation Intensive 2013
BIBs Brisbane International women’s group 2014 June

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