Do you have a problem lets constellate it

Do You Have a Problem ?
Lets Constellate it

Perhaps you have a problem with your love relationship, your family or a child. Or perhaps you have a work , business, health issue or would like to enhance your personal development.

Maybe you have already tried coaching, counselling or other therapies with little progress.

Could it be that the problem you are facing is not merely about communication, limiting beliefs or clashing values, but more about the energies each of you bring with you from your ancestral lines, that is blocking the flow of love between you?

If this is the case you may be interested to read on. The process of Family Constellations is an alternative or compliment to traditional counselling process’s that is psychotherapeutic, energetic and goes to the underlying dynamics of an issue sensitively and quickly, causing emotional and energetic shifts and allowing new solutions to arise. This process connects individuals to their ancestral lines, while also freeing them for more strength and clarity in the present.

Family Constellations is a sensitive, powerful methodology that is brief, experiential, solution focused and effective. It taps into the energy field of an issue and the people involved, to find the underlying dynamics of relationship and personal issues, which may originate in present, or past generations from trauma or deeply entrenched patterns, to allow new information and connection to the love ties to emerge.

Recent academic research confirms that Family Constellations is extremely effective at improving many types of relationships such as marriage, couples, family and parenting, as well as singles unable to find suitable partners, or help people reach more amicable separation or divorce, resulting in leaving them more emotionally free to move on with their lives. In addition Constellations are beneficial in helping individuals to find harmony in blended families and improve a range of mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety and wellbeing generally.

The Family Constellation process is brief for many people, often one session, one issue in a workshop forum, or part of a slightly longer therapeutic supportive process for others. Private sessions are also available.

The process is experiential and solution focused with individuals experiencing their situation, visually, energetically, emotionally and from other people’s perspectives which somehow allows new awareness’s and solutions to emerge. Very little information is required. This is not a traditional counselling session. For most people one session of Family Constellations is more effective than more than six months of other modalities.


The process is set up by choosing participants from the workshop to represent the people of the issue and placed spatially after a very brief amount of information is given. The client often observes the process as it unfolds and is guided by the facilitator to a resolution. The experience causes shifts in the client via the energy field, releasing emotions and allowing new information and perspectives to emerge.

While browsing in a bookshop in Sydney a little brown book appeared to jump out of the shelf at me. I was a clinical counsellor taking time out to relax. The book was an introduction to Bert Hellinger and Family Constellations. The book with its original ideas including Blind Love and Orders of Love, blew me away. That was in 2002. At that time I made a wish to experience this work first hand, not knowing how this could happen as Hellinger was in Germany and I was in Australia. I let it go. In 2005 I went to India with my husband and by chance went to an Ashram where on the second day of our arrival, a big sign went up to say come and experience Family Constellations. This led to my first workshop experience and onto the first of many trainings in the process. As a counsellor I had always been looking for the most effective modalities for myself and clients, as changing patterns has been a life long passion for me. Born in England with such a poor relationship with family, my husband and I had left for Australia with our children to find that we hadn’t escaped at all, as our current family myself, husband and children were also experiencing difficulties, in spite of my skills and knowledge as a counsellor. However, mine and my husbands first Family Constellations caused big shifts in ourselves and the whole family, including the extended family in the UK and continue to do so each time we do further constellations resulting in much warmer and closer connections between all of us. I now take great pleasure in providing this service to people in Sydney and Brisbane in workshops and private sessions.

Healing relationships with Family Constellations.